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Trust me, I'm even better when I'm drunk - Pete Wisdom - 11-19-2017

Pete Wisdom was, as he would often tell people, the omniverse’s greatest secret agent. He might well be the only omniversal agent, but that just meant that he was the only operative good enough to work on such a scale. He was presently on the payroll of no fewer than four British Ministries of Intelligence, two resistance Ministries against occupying forces where his job was to supply that world with resources and intelligence to help overthrow the occupying nations, and was one of the Abassadorial Advisors to His Majesty Harold IX, King of Albion on a weird world of airships and steam engines. He performed all of these jobs without fail, partly because they all wanted him to do largely the same thing in this place.

That wasn’t to say, of course, that the omniverse’s greatest secret agent was without his vices, which was particularly apparent at the moment, as he found himself getting slapped by the buxom barmaid in this fine establishment, his blood alcohol level a few shades shy of pickled, and his hopes for the evening’s activities dashed.

“Bloody elves,” he muttered. “Can’t even respect the bloody son-in-law of King Oberon, what good are they?” Idly he wondered just how Tink was doing. Probably getting shagged a lot more than he was right now, that was for sure. “Oy! Barkeep! Another pint of… bloody hell, what kind of ale is this? Dwarven? Klingon? I don’t care, just get me another one, aye?”

RE: Trust me, I'm even better when I'm drunk - Remy LeBeau - 11-25-2017

He absolutely should not be as quietly sad as he was right now. Bored, he told himself. He refused to admit that he might be pining, or that he might be a little keyed up because… He wasn’t, damn it. He was Remy LeBeau, he was just bored.

Boredom was not something with which Remy was terribly familiar. Growing up if there hadn’t been anything to do, there was sleeping, because the only time there wasn’t something to do was when he finally had a full belly. And after he’d been taken in by the LeBeau family, there was little time for boredom. There was always something to be learning or practicing, or a girl to flirt with. Or someone to terrorize. Something. There had always been something to do. Here on Hub, though, there wasn’t always something. He had taken as many jobs as he could, but now he was between the last and the next, and he found himself yearning for something to do.

He entered the tavern quietly, slipping through the doorway unnoticed, and looked around. Remy had visited most of the bars and taverns and inns in the city, trying them one by one, but there were a few that had become his favorites. Some for their spirits, some for their food, some for wine… He liked the Wandering Moon for the wine and food, but tonight he wanted to be somewhere that wasn’t the Goddess. He didn’t want to be reminded of Jaya tonight.

Eyes falling upon a familiar face, Remy grinned and moved through the tavern, sliding into the seat next to Pete Wisdom, and hailing the bartender, “Bourbon if yo’ got et, merci.” He looked to Pete, his voice amused, “What brings yo’ here t’night, mon ami?”

RE: Trust me, I'm even better when I'm drunk - Pete Wisdom - 11-28-2017

Well, look who he had here. The bloody fake-French thief who admittedly was not the one who’d tried to rob the Crown under Pete’s watch, but looked just bloody like him. Ah, well… the bugger’s family had been a help when he’d been in a bind to evacuate as much of an entire bloody planet as could be managed, and he had to admit that they’d managed quite a bit more of a population than Pete would have expected. That was reason enough to not hold any mistaken grudges for the sins of a different him from a different world, aye?

“Oi! Bon-shure, Cajun!” Pete said, intentionally mispronouncing the French bit (regardless of the fact that he was capable of speaking perfect French if he wanted to, which as a good British subject he didn’t). “The ladies here don’t seem to have any bloody appreciation for men of our caliber and breeding, so it looks like we’re drinking together tonight. Vic! Pour for this boy from the good stuff, I know you bloody well have it!” Pete, apparently, was well and truly into the ‘loud’ phase of being drunk. “So! What brings Remy Bloody LeBeau in to drown his sorrows tonight? Shouldn’t you be out getting your hands on some priceless necklace or lady’s knickers instead of drinking with my pickled arse?”

RE: Trust me, I'm even better when I'm drunk - Remy LeBeau - 12-03-2017

There were days when Remy was perfectly happy to banter and snark with the people who made up his admittedly small group of “friends” and then there were days where he just wanted someone to sit next to and drink until the world made sense, or at least until he didn’t care that it didn’t anymore.

Pete Wisdom had a snarky streak that was wider than he was tall and and the intellect to pull it off, and Remy respected that. He actually almost liked the other man, and on a better day, he would have been happy to just sit at the bar, kick back a few shots, and round after round with the British bastard. But today was a less than stellar day. He had no work, nothing to distract him, and it had been almost a month since Jaya had left. Nearly twice as long as she’d said she’d be gone, and Remy was beginning to wonder why the lengthy trip. He worried that something had happened - space where she was traveling might be ‘safe’ but it was still space travel. Maybe she had decided to stay home.

Maybe he was being a fucking idiot.

Now, he had the hope that Pete would be able to distract him from his… Whatever it was that was getting him down and making him worry about things that he had no control over and had no right to be worrying about. Remy winced at the mangling of what had honestly been his primary language as a child, but he said nothing of the mispronunciation, letting it go. But if he had winced at the French, he downright flinched at Pete’s words. Breeding. Remy had no breeding. Oh, he was a LeBeau in every important way, but he wasn’t blood. Pete didn’t need to know that, not tonight at least. “Ah, mon ami, de ladies here, dey are busy working, non? Et es no fault o’ dere own dat dey have no time t’spare a glance our way.”

Drunk Pete was, Remy hoped, going to be Fun Pete. He could use some fun tonight, and a friend who wouldn’t ask…

Questions about why he wasn’t out wooing his way into some girl’s bed.

Right. He could answer that question. Pete was drunk, he might not even remember any of this tomorrow, but caution was ingrained in the thief, so Remy shrugged, “Dere es no one who es interested en having some poor possession liberated t’night.” He chuckled, “An’ who says dat Remy can no’ have a night t’himself t’drink wit’ a friend?” Remy sipped his bourbon and smiled, “What has yo’ here drinkin’ like et es yo’ last night, mon ami?”

RE: Trust me, I'm even better when I'm drunk - Pete Wisdom - 12-06-2017

“Ah, bloody hell, what else should I be doing? No ladies are ready to offer up their virtue or lack of it at the altar of Pete’s bedroom, so the order of the day is to get pissed. Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow the bloody Hub might turn itself upside down and fill with zombies or some rot like that, aye?” He rolled his eyes, downing his martini and waving at the bartender for a fresh one.

Pete was already, as might be easily deduced, fairly intoxicated, but being a man who lived his life with a constant level of alcohol in his blood, that didn’t always put him completely off his game. He was, at least, with it enough to notice that Remy hadn’t given him an actual answer to part of his question. That was a little curious, now, wasn’t it? “And you didn’t know I would be in here, so you didn’t come here to drink with a friend…” Oh. Right. He might not be that friend. Pete’s voice instantly got a few decibels lower (though still containing a bit of a slur) as he tried to be a little more serious for the moment. “Oh, bloody hell, ‘m I getting in your way, mate? Scaring off a lass you came here to woo and defile? Can’t go having that, now, can we, bloody hell that’s a mess… Hell, was it that barmaid I just put the moves on? Tell you what… start acting angry, an’ you can give me a good hit and throw me out the door to charm the poor girl and be her white knight. S’all right with me, I’ll just go up to some other place for a pint while you get the girl. How’s that for a plan, mate?”

RE: Trust me, I'm even better when I'm drunk - Remy LeBeau - 12-12-2017

What else should he be doing? How was Remy supposed to answer that question? What else… Anything else? Something worthwhile?

And since when did Remy LeBeau think that drinking and charming your way into a lady’s bed wasn’t worthwhile?? What was wrong with him? The answer to that question was so, so terribly clear. He was, quite frankly, fucked. He gave a quiet groan of dismay and bowed his head over his drink, “O’ course, mon ami. Hub zombies o’ rotting mummies. Et does seem t’be as likely as anyt’ing else, non?”

It wasn’t all that uncommon for Remy to be found at this or one of the other many taverns in Hub with a drink of some sort in hand, usually bourbon, but wine, whiskey, or beer were not unknown to the thief. What was uncommon was for the Cajun to be less than mindful of the ladies, to be quiet about his drinking. Just as uncommon as it would be for Pete, really. And it was good to see that his friend was having a more normal night than himself, bringing a smile to the young thief’s lips.

Getting in his way? Remy blinked, then chuckled, “Non, Pete, don’ be worryin’ yo’self. Dere es no one waiting t’take yo’ seat, mon ami. Et es jus’ nice t’be able t’sit an’ share a drink wit’ a frien’.” He’d come in thinking to drink his night away alone, quietly, in a corner, but this was far more enjoyable than how Remy had expected his night to play out. Just as long as Pete could calm the hell down and just relax and enjoy the damn night! “Pete, merde, stop. I was jus’ coming in t’have a drink, saw yo’ an’ t’ought t’sit wit’ yo’.” He arched a brow, “Unless et es yo’ lookin’ t’get rid o’ dis Cajun.”

RE: Trust me, I'm even better when I'm drunk - Pete Wisdom - 12-15-2017

“Oh, you know as well as I do that zombies could be coming in from bloody anywhere. When it does, I want to be as bloody sauced as I can get. You remember what the last time was like, aye?” Now that had been a nasty little time, hadn’t it? If it had happened during Pete’s first year in the Hub, he might have called it quits on the place and picked a world, but since he was already a year invested when it happened… well, Pete was a stubborn bastard, as anyone could tell you.

Remy was… bloody hell, was this bugger melancholic? They’d gotten drunk together before, and it tended to be a noisy affair, with lots of spilled drinks, near fights, and flashed breasts, but tonight apparently wasn’t one of those nights. “Who the bloody hell are you and what have you done with Remy LeBeau?” Pete joked. “Come on, get that first drink down, mate, then tell old Pete just what ails you, aye? Maybe I can actually help with something when I’m in a more sober state! Hell, maybe I can help now, you never bloody know, miracles can happen! Barkeep, keep the drinks coming, we’re not walking out of here until we can’t walk… oh, bloody hell, that made more sense in my head. Sod it, just keep the bottle handy.”

RE: Trust me, I'm even better when I'm drunk - Remy LeBeau - 12-19-2017

Zombies. Of all the things that Pete could be worrying about spilling out into Hub, the man was worrying about zombies. Well, there were definitely worse things that the man could be afraid of coming from the portals that Pete could be worrying about, it was just… “Oui mon ami, I remember. An’ dat was one hell o’ a week. I jus’ did no’ realize how much dey upset yo’.” Remy understood what it was to be confronted with something that was overwhelming.

Melancholic? Not precisely. Remy missed Jaya, and he was lonely. Drinking with Pete had seemed like a good way to the spend the night when the thief had seen the spy, and that had brought him over to sit with his friend. Remy nearly threw the drink back at Pete’s behest, but he hesitated. Frowning, the Cajun looked over to his friend and shrugged, “Es no’ like dat. I am jus’ lonely, mon ami.” Thus why drinking with a friend had seemed like a good idea! Having gotten that explanation out, Remy did tip his head back, downing the bourbon quickly. “Trus’ me, Pete, yo’ do no’ wan’ t’know about dis. Better dat we drink an’ have a good night an’ no’ t’ink about et, non?”

RE: Trust me, I'm even better when I'm drunk - Pete Wisdom - 12-27-2017

“They don’t make bloody sense,” Pete scoffed. “Bloody hate things not making sense.” If something was dead, it was supposed to stay down. That was a hard and fast rule and should stay a hard and fast rule, shouldn’t it? “Took a week to get the smell out of my suit.”

“Well, if you’re bloody lonely, why are we letting that barmaid get away? Maybe she likes red eyes, only one way to find out, mate,” Pete answered grinning as he leaned against the bar. “Then you can tell me if she has a friend that’s lonely, too, aye? Oi, Vic, let’s have some shots over here. You know the ones I want.” He made a little gesture that apparently meant something to the bartender, because a few moments later, two shots were set down in front of them. Pete’s fingers glowed as he flicked the rim of the glasses, lighting the alcohol at the top, and pushed one of the shots over to Remy, blue flames and all. “Haven’t I taught you about telling a bloody spy he doesn’t want to know something? I want to know everything, don’t be daft. If something has you in a state like this, it must be bad, aye? Come on, drink up and we can trade dark secrets, now.”

RE: Trust me, I'm even better when I'm drunk - Remy LeBeau - 12-28-2017

They didn’t make sense. They were talking about zombies, and Pete’s biggest complaint was that they didn’t make sense? They were brains eating undead monsters that were all but rotting and falling apart (some actually really were) and his complaint was about how LOGICAL they were?? “Yo’ have some issues, mon ami.” Remy’s voice had taken on an exasperated but amused tone at Pete’s grumbling, “Don’ worry. I do no’ t’ink zombies will be making a return t’Hub anytime soon.” He waggled a finger at Pete, “Do no’ be being a bad luck charm, Wisdom. I do no’ wan’ t’see vampires again, either.” Those had been horrendous. Remy didn’t like vampires. Annoying, and having to wear high collars all of the time with metal fillers to keep them at bay… Even worse.

Pete’s insistence, and odd obsession, on the barmaid earned a sigh and a roll of the eyes from Remy. “I don’ care ‘bout de barmaid, Pete.” As though Remy hadn’t flirted with (and more with) all of the barmaids in this particular tavern already. As though Pete hadn’t done much the same…

He might not be interested in chasing skirts tonight, but Pete was buying drinks, and that… Well, when Pete Wisdom was buying the drinks, Remy LeBeau wasn’t likely to get up and walk away. Until, as Pete had said, they couldn’t walk. “Oh, es yo’ a spy, Pete? I did no’ realize. I t’ought I was talkin’ t’mon ami.” He took the shot, snuffed out the flame by placing another glass face down over it, then removed the glass and threw the shot back.

Was it ‘bad’ really? Remy shook his head, motioning to the bartender to bring him another shot, “Non, et es no’ like dat.” He made a face, thanked the bartender for the additional shot and looked over at Pete, “I do no’ have t’be lonely. But I do no’ want jus’ any companion.” He spoke, then took his next shot more slowly, if only slightly.

RE: Trust me, I'm even better when I'm drunk - Pete Wisdom - 12-30-2017

Why did Pete keep going back to the barmaid? That was a good question… although, looking around, he noted that yes, she was the only one working at the moment, which explained why he hadn’t moved on to another prospect by now. Not to mention he was a bit of a fan of the ears, of course, but the fact that options were limited tonight explained his tunnel vision. “Well, I don’t really either. Point another one out to me, mate, and we’ll focus on that one instead. I’ll trust your taste, aye?”

He smirked when he was called on being a spy, picking up his own shot and shooting it without dousing the fire. “What, I can’t be both? That’s like saying that a bloke can’t be an MP and a git at the same time, mate.” Besides, Remy would do well to remember that Pete was a spy. It meant that even while he was plastered, he could pick up things, like how Remy claimed to be lonely, was passing on opportunities to take home nubile elven women, and didn’t want ‘just any company.’ This was a problem that Pete had seen many, many times in many, many men. “Ahhhh,” he said, knowingly. He turned toward Remy, studying him over the top of his next shot with an amused. “Gotcher, mate. Say no more, ol’ Pete can take a hint.” He drank the shot, then put down the glass with a loud clack against the wood. “So… what lucky lady is it?”

RE: Trust me, I'm even better when I'm drunk - Remy LeBeau - 01-05-2018

Pete and his ear fetish. Sure, the elvish ladies were pretty things, but there were many pretty ladies in Hub. Remy didn't see the point in fixating on one unless there was something more special about her than the shape of her ears. Huffing quietly, Remy shook his head. "Non, data not why I am here. You go ahead an' obsess over who yo' want."

"Oui, maybe so, but I don' t' ink yo' know how t' be both at de same time. It wasn't as though Remy didn't take the time to appreciate the lovely femmes here in the bar tonight, but they weren't who Remy wanted. And the young thief knew it. Turning a baleful glare toward Pete, in part for having the audacity to notice Remy's situation, and also for calling him out on it, Remy looked at his glass. "Who's t 'say dere es a lucky lady? O' dat she es de lucky one?"

RE: Trust me, I'm even better when I'm drunk - Pete Wisdom - 01-05-2018

Pete just shrugged at the accusation of being unable to multitask. “Well, maybe I don’t know how to be anything but a spy. Suppose it’s possible, aye? Not all of us can be as versatile as you are, mate,” he allowed happily, not seeming very put off by the idea that he couldn’t be a spy and a friend. Lord above knew that he was probably rubbish at being a friend even when he was utterly sober. He knew some blokes who probably would have told anyone that if they wanted to know.

“Well, I could be a tosser and say that you’re the lucky one and she needs me to buy her a few pity drinks, but we don’t believe that, now, do we?” Pete asked dryly. “Don’t act like I’m daft, mate. You’re in a right mood tonight, you say yourself that you’re lonely, you’re choosy who it’s going to be… Ol’ Pete wasn’t born yesterday, he knows what that means. Come on, be a lad and let’s have it out. What, you think I’m going to take the mickey out of you? Me, the bloke that the barmaids can’t wait to be shot of? Leave it out, Remy.”

RE: Trust me, I'm even better when I'm drunk - Remy LeBeau - 01-08-2018

Remy snorted, “I didn’ say dat, Pete. But if yo’ are being a spy, den yo’ are being a spy. If yo’ are being a friend, den yo’ are being a friend. I’m no’ sure dat yo’ can be both at de same time without compromising one o’ both of dem.” Really, Remy held Pete in high regard, as both a spy and as his friend. If he didn’t, he definitely wouldn’t have come over to sit with the man tonight, not feeling the way he was. “Maybe yo’ can jus’ be mon ami tonight, oui?” the words were spoken softly, a gentle request from the thief.

Eyes dropping to his glass, Remy gave a shrug to Pete’s words, “Right.” Because of course he did believe exactly that, though he wasn’t certain that Jaya needed pity drinks, because it wasn’t as though Remy thought so lowly of himself that he thought that Jaya should be pitied for being involved with him, or he wouldn’t keep coming back to her. Still, Remy did feel lucky to have her around, except that right now, he didn’t have her around. “She had t’leave, t’go home. Said she’d be back in a couple of weeks. Et’s been almost a month now.” He punctuated the statement with a shrug, as though it wasn’t important, but it bothered him, how long Jaya had been gone, it made him wonder if she wasn’t going to be able to come back, if the Orion Syndicate had decided she needed to stay in her home universe. And Remy didn’t even have the ability to go there to find out; he didn’t have the spacecraft to get up to the portal, or to survive on the other side. The younger man looked half ready to bolt; admitting that he had feelings for the woman was...Not as easy as one might think. He wasn’t supposed to get attached, he was… He didn’t know what he was. “I shouldn’ care.”

RE: Trust me, I'm even better when I'm drunk - Pete Wisdom - 01-11-2018

Pete almost would have liked it better if Remy had told him he’d read it completely wrong. There was no girl, he just couldn’t find anyone up to his exacting standards, and that was leaving him low. The fact that there was a girl, though… well, that was a darker problem. Loneliness could be fixed, and bitterness over being single came and went easily enough. Abandonment, on the other hand, that was a whole different beast altogether, and what could a bloke do about it aside from wait and sulk?

There was only one reassurance Pete could think of. “Oi, you know how that rubbish goes, mate, especially here. You expect a trip to go one way, you hope it’s going to be nice and short, and then everything goes pear shaped at the worst bloody time and you get held up. It’s not like any mobile service on any world reaches here, is it, mate? She’s probably sitting in her mum’s house, getting fussed over, and not finding any polite way to go piss off out of the world again, know what I’m saying?” One thing Pete wasn’t going to do was to take the piss out of Remy for having a girl. That was just out of line, aye? “Sod that, why shouldn’t you care, mate? The lives we lead, we have to care about something, aye?”

RE: Trust me, I'm even better when I'm drunk - Remy LeBeau - 01-16-2018

Yeah, Remy would have liked it better if he could have honestly told Pete that he’d read it wrong and that there was no girl. Remy wasn’t entirely thrilled to be realizing that he had actual, real feelings for Jaya. He wasn’t supposed to form this sort of attachment to people; Hub was transitory at best, and Remy knew it. Few people really stuck around for any real length of time. Pete had been around for a while; long enough to become one of Remy’s few actual friends, but he was the exception. People who stayed either had nowhere else to to go or couldn’t get home. Now that Jaya had the ability to go home...why would she come back? She could return to her life as it was, see her real family…

But she had mentioned to him once that it wouldn’t be the same, that her life would never be the one she yearned for, because she was an adult now, because things had changed before she’d come to Hub, and you couldn’t just go back. Remy knew the truth in that, but he also saw the truth in the fact that your real family with you was better than ghosts of them like Hub had. He couldn’t blame Jaya for wanting to go home now that she had the ability, but damn, he missed her. And he worried, because she’d been so adamant that she was coming back, but it had been so much longer than she’d said.

What Pete was saying was probably far closer to the truth than the whole ‘the Orion Syndicate might have told Jaya to never return to Hub’ or ‘she got to go home, of course she’s not coming back’ that his mind had so unhelpfully offered. Remy shifted in his seat, threw back another shot, and nodded, “Yeah, yo’ probably right, Pete. If I could go home, I’d let Tante Matti mother me all she wanted.” And that was definitely the truth, Remy adored that old woman, always had, and if he ever got to see her again (the real her) he’d let her order him about and fuss over him as much as she’d like!

Care about something. Well yeah, his family. He had his family to care about. But… “Sure. But girl’s’re passing t’hings, Pete. Caring ‘bout one jus’ gets yo’ into trouble.”

RE: Trust me, I'm even better when I'm drunk - Pete Wisdom - 01-25-2018

“See, mate? Look, there’s two people that come to this bloody place. People looking for a way to get the hell out of it, and people looking for an excuse to stay in it. We’re in the second group, mate. Question you have to ask yourself is if she is, too, but really if you get down to it? People who’re looking to be shot of this place aren’t going to go telling a bloke that she’ll be coming back, she’d be trying to talk you into coming with her, aye?” And lord knew that Pete had had a few ladies try that with him, not that they’d had any success. Pete Wisdom wasn’t a man for one world, not anymore. Not since his world had died, at least.

And then, of course, Remy started with that self-defeating tripe that he’d expect from the chronically lonely like the two of them. “Oh, leave it out, you great bloody prat,” Pete shot back at him. “Caring about the wrong one gets you into trouble. Caring about trouble gets you into trouble. So I guess what I need to ask you is if this girl is trouble.” And, of course, as soon as he’d said it, he started thinking he shouldn’t have. The two of them weren’t exactly pillars of stability. He wasn’t going to expect either of them to draw in a lady who was going to be easygoing and free of drama.

RE: Trust me, I'm even better when I'm drunk - Remy LeBeau - 01-27-2018

Remy chuckled at Pete’s comment. Looking to stay in Hub. Honestly? While that description might suit him these days, it had been far from the truth the first many years Remy had been in the Hub. But he had had no more a way to go back home then as he had now, he had just, with time, accepted Hub to be home, had gotten comfortable here, and had happily begun to consider it home. The last handful of years, he had started feeling the desire to return to his home world less and less, the pull was still there, but it was less an actual thought and more just a quiet, easily ignored feeling. He was happy here. But… Was Jaya happy here, or would she find that the ability to go home meant that there was no reason to return? She was adventurous, she was smart and competent, and she had the wiles necessary to make a very comfortable and profitable life here in the Hub. He could hope that she would return, that she would want to return. “Perhaps, oui. She had no reason t’say she would be back if she didn’ intend t’return.” She hadn’t owed him even a goodbye, not really, and the fact that she had given him one had opened a door to feelings that he had been purposely ignoring for a while now. Still, it had to mean something that she’d said it at all.

Pete’s sudden sharp words earned a blink, and Remy leaned back just a touch, as he nearly spouted off right back at the Brit, but then the man kept on talking, and Remy made a face, “Yeah, well, yo’ never know which one es de wrong one, Pete. An’ trouble…” The grin that crossed the Cajun’s face was just a little bit wicked, and a whole lot amused, “Sometimes trouble es too much fun not t’care about.” Remy’s grin only widened when he asked if the girl that Remy was talking about was trouble, “Ah, she es only de best kind o’ trouble, Pete. De kind wit’ brains t’match her beauty, an’ never dull. But she es good, too.”

RE: Trust me, I'm even better when I'm drunk - Pete Wisdom - 01-31-2018

Pete couldn’t help chuckling, then knocking his knuckles on the bar. “Oi, barkeep! We’re getting sober over here! Stop letting that happen!” he called, and was rewarded with a sour look from Vic and a drink to replace his empty glass. Poor sod, he’d have to make sure to tip the bloke well tonight. “Now you’re just trying to be daft, mate. You never know when they’re going to be the wrong ones? Oh, rubbish, we know perfectly well which ones are really wrong, and we run straight into them. Here’s to being so bloody stupid that we prove we’re male!” Pete picked up the drink, downing it in one, then rapped on the bar again to get poor Vic to refill him again.

Now… what Remy was saying had Pete somewhat on the skeptical side. If the bloke was besotted enough to be moping around tonight like this, he was besotted enough to see everything about her through rosy glasses. Hell, his eyes were red to start with, it probably wasn’t even hard to do. And that meant… something. He was sure it meant something, maybe even something important, but he should have worked that out three drinks ago latest, not now, because now he was too pissed to follow that train of thought to the end without falling off after two steps. “She’s good and she has brains. Well, she’s got us outclassed, mate,” Pete quipped, picking up his new drink.

RE: Trust me, I'm even better when I'm drunk - Remy LeBeau - 02-05-2018

Remy was known for his charm, and while he was entirely straight, his charm did not end when he spoke to a man, it simply changed form. Where Pete was demanding and rough, Remy fixed Vic with a grateful smile that promised a good tip at the end of the evening for the man’s suffering. He was rewarded with a nod and a refill of his drink along with Pete’s, and Remy raised his glass to the man before taking a drink. “Oui, de ones dat are really wrong, sure. But dat don’ mean de ones dat aren’t really wrong don’ sneak by every once en a while.” He chuckled at Pete’s insistence that they ran headlong into the wrong kinds of women, but he didn’t argue. No point in arguing against the truth, was there?

That didn’t mean that Jaya was the wrong kind of woman, though.

He was aware that Jaya wasn’t perfect, he knew that. Still, she was a good fit. She was excellent company, able to keep up with conversation ranging from small talk to far deeper subjects, and she didn’t pick at her food, pretending she wasn’t hungry. It was important, that bit right there. Not only did he appreciate it when someone else appreciated their food enough to actually eat it, but it meant that she was comfortable enough to simply be herself with him. Which meant that what he was seeing was her.

Remy drained his glass and set it out next to Pete’s for refilling. The spy had a head start on the thief, and Remy intended to catch up, “Deux, por favor, mon ami.” Remy held up two fingers to be certain Vic understood the request, and grinned when the man brought him two more. “Yo’ mean she got yo’ outclassed, mon ami.” He grinned to his friend, holding up one of the drinks to toast Pete, “No’ everyone would t’ink so, but people are stupid.” They thought less of him for being a thief, after all. Nothing wrong with taking from those with too much. Nothing wrong with telling a man exactly what you wanted from him, either.