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Curses and Cures - Christian Verglas - 10-16-2017

He had taken the time to go through what resources he had of his own regarding curses and hexes and jinxes. It was admittedly not a thoroughly in-depth library, and while the internet had proven to be an incredibly useful way of getting information, but this? This was one of those things that Christian wasn’t willing to take risks about.

Not when it was the sanity of an Angel on the block. And no matter what Castiel insisted about regaining his sanity with no lasting ill effect, Chris wouldn’t risk it. Angels were the creations of God, after all.

But his own resources weren’t the only ones that existed. And maybe those others would help him. So he asked Wanda and Steve to meet him in the room where he’d made the portal home, where they could talk.

Worst case scenario, none of them knew anything. Best case scenario was that Wanda knew some spell that could help. Or Steve might know someone who could help. Or...something.

Yeah, okay, so short of turning to Ms. Zatara and asking for her expert opinion, and praying that she or John (yeah, John, Chris felt pretty sure that after facing a demon with the guy and learning how to make portals from him that they were sort of on a first name basis) knew something, this was Christian’s best bet.

So he walked into what he called the portal room, and smiled hopefully.

It was so much easier to smile when he was focused on a task.

RE: Curses and Cures - 616 Steve Rogers - 10-16-2017

Steve walks down the hall where Christian told him to meet, wondering what the meeting had been about. Christian had been rather vague, but he knew it had something to do with Castiel; the angel. The real live angel that Steve knew. Sometimes he really couldn't believe his life.

Steve walks into the room to find Christian already there. He's smiling which Steve takes as a good sign.

"Hey, what's the situation? It sounded important." Steve says by way of greeting.

RE: Curses and Cures - Wanda Maximoff - 10-24-2017

Wanda had watched the unfolding events in the mansion; the fact was that as the only person who had lived through both Tony and Steve's ‘present`she was in a unique position to realize exactly how fucked everything was.

She’d told Tony he was being foolish not to give away his identity to the newly defrosted steve, but oh no he knew best. Which lead them to Steve nearly walking out and that didn't even touch the whole mess with Tony, Steve's doppelganger and Other Tonys clone. Which was…

It just such a very good thing that she was used to the insanity that her powers brought forth that she could take what was happening here in stride. Thankfully Chris was a sweet man, if one who was hovering on the edge of disaster in regards to his magical education. Shed seen him more than once accidentally curse Tony, if she thought it was intentional she would have taken action, as it was she simply discretely (because Tony LOVED magic) set up shields around the golden avenger that Chris would actively have to attempt to breach.

Although it did seem that the attempts on Tony`s wardrobe had ceased after their little heart to heart.

So when he asked Wanda for help...well she rather thought it was in everyone's best interest for her to keep an eye on the little magical scamp.

“Gentlemen.” Wanda greeted the men, bangles jingling softly to announce her presence. “I understand there is an issue?” And if that wasn't an understatement!

RE: Curses and Cures - Christian Verglas - 10-26-2017

When your day job was to be a PA, you either already had, or very quickly learned, organizational skills. Christian was the former, naturally preferring things to be ordered and neat, easy to follow. It was one of the reasons why he was so very competent at organizing and putting together galas and parties, why the VIPs under his care were never late and always kept up to speed on what they needed to know.

Right now, his VIP’s were gathered here, waiting for him to bring them up to speed.

Wanda knew a whole lot more than he did about magic, it made sense to ask her for help. Steve, he’d asked to help because Steve was smart, and because being around Steve was comforting. He liked Steve.

Setting down several books, and sets of notes that he’d taken from his research, he looked to both of the people he’d asked to help him. “There is an issue, yes.” He looked to Steve, then to Wanda, focused and calm for the first time in over two weeks.

He was, as nearly always, brimming with magical energy. He didn’t use his magic often enough to deplete himself, though there were moments where Wanda would notice that he had indeed dipped deep into that well of his. Every evening she had seen him since the first, since his sister had left, he’d used a noticeable amount of his energy to send to her, to heal, to revitalize her during her quest. Today, his jaw was set, he was focused, he was intent. “There is a person here in Hub, his name is Castiel, and he is a friend of mine.”

“He is also an Angel.”

Chris didn’t really care if they believed in angels or not. This was true, he knew it, he’d seen it, and that was enough for him. “Castiel has been cursed, he called it an attack dog curse, and he’s asked me for help to find out how to break the curse so he does not have to worry about what it might make him do. I’ve read everything I could find on curses,” he motioned to the notes and books he’d brought with him, “But I can’t find the cure for this one. I was hoping that maybe one of you have heard of it and know something, or someone who might, or… Something.” Because he had depleted what he had access to, and he wasn’t too proud to ask for help when he needed it.

RE: Curses and Cures - 616 Steve Rogers - 10-26-2017

Steve's not sure what to think of Wanda when she comes in. A small part of him bitterly reminds him that she knew the truth about Iron Man and helped Mr. Stark hide it. But she had been so kind and sincere when she talked about their future friendship. Besides there were clearly more important things going on, and Steve trusts her enough to run a mission with.

"I know Castiel" Steve says worriedly. Meeting Castiel had been a bit of an odd experience, but he liked Castiel. He was quirky and polite.

"But I don't know anything about curses," Steve says apologetically. He was useless with this kind of stuff, and he had only encountered the supernatural a few times during the war.

RE: Curses and Cures - Wanda Maximoff - 10-26-2017

An Angel.

Her eyebrows rose at the descriptor

“As in of god?” She asked skeptically before remembering where exactly they were. Sighing she supposed it was possible just not...well she wasn't exactly of that faith to begin with unlike Steve so for her if he was what Chris claimed that would simply make him another celestial being.

Not her first.

“I am very good at unmaking things. Unfortunately when applied to magic that does have the tendency to...become volatile. Which is not the best when dealing with a spell attached to a living creature.” She admitted. Since Angel bits were not out side of the realm of possibility if she turned her mutation to magic.

“My teacher would be able to help.” Just one problem. “She is however dead in my world.” Wanda turned her gaze to Steve. “But not yet in your time Steve.”

RE: Curses and Cures - Christian Verglas - 10-29-2017

An Angel. A real, live Angel. “Yep, as in of god. Or, as he’d say, the Lord.” He gave her a quiet smile before turning to beam at Steve, “Oh good! I met him before, he’s very nice.” Very… Unique, but nice. Christian had, of course, liked him immediately. Because seriously, an Angel of the Lord. “Did he speak to you of the curse that was placed on him before he came here?” It was possible, but Chris had suspected that the only reason that Castiel had confided in him was because of his own connections with magic. Then again, Steve was...Steve. Steve was trustworthy. Steve was a hero.

Chris smiled to Steve, “That’s okay. I’ve only just recently learned much of what I know, myself, because of this.”

Wanda’s words caught his attention immediately. Unmaking things.

He knew precisely who Wanda Maximoff was, it was part of why he’d asked her for help. At the same time, he was very much too aware of what she could do when she mentioned ‘unmaking things’ and… Yeah, but no. He flinched just slightly before giving her a rather pained smile, “Angel bits are sort of the opposite of the goal, though.”

Her teacher? Chris frowned slightly, trying to remember the woman Wanda was referring to. “The lady with the cat?” Because… That’s what he remembered, which wasn’t all that much. He looked to Steve, and then to Wanda, frowning in thought, “Is there a portal you came through, Steve? Like the one that Safi and I have?” Otherwise… He looked to Wanda, “I know how to make portals… But I’m not entirely certain that if I make one, it’ll go to Steve’s time.. Or yours. Or somewhen else.” He shifted, "You think your teacher," cat lady, "Will teach us how to rid Castiel of his curse?"

RE: Curses and Cures - 616 Steve Rogers - 10-29-2017

Steve thought back to meeting Castiel. He had been distracted by the fact that he was actually meeting an angel, but he hadn't remembered anything curse like about Castiel, and the angel hadn't mentioned anything about it to him.

"No, he never mentioned anything, and the seemed alright." Steve says, then adds, "I don't really know much about curses though."

It seems important that Christian knows that. Steve doesn't deal with magic and probably won't be much help here. Steve doesn't want Christian thinking that Steve will be more useful than he is just because he's Captain America. Though Steve truly does want to help, both for Castiel's sake and because Christian asked him to help.

Steve wondered who could be powerful enough to teach someone as powerful and skilled as Wanda.

“Is there a portal you came through, Steve? Like the one that Safi and I have?” 

"I came through a portal in my bedroom at the mansion, but I don't know if it's still there" Steve says, "who is your teacher? Maybe I've met her."

RE: Curses and Cures - Wanda Maximoff - 11-21-2017

Wanda blinked at the descriptor; “Agatha does have a cat. But I’m not sure if she is ‘the one with the cat’.” She smiled wryly remembering that Chris was from a world where in her life and that of the other Avengers were the stuff of comic books.

His flinch did make her wonder exactly what parts of her story had been translated and to what level of fidelity.

Wanda shook her head; “even if there is not. I can use the inherent connection between Steve and his universe to create a time locked portal. One that can deliver us back here with in a few days of leaving regardless of how long we need with my mentor.”

Wanda smiled at Steve, “I don’t think you have yet: her name is Agatha Harkness. She is a witch of great power and learning.”

RE: Curses and Cures - Christian Verglas - 11-22-2017

It was possible that Castiel had only told Christian about his curse because Chris was a magic user. In fact, that would make sense, as it was a vulnerability, which really wasn’t something you would go around advertising. Unless you trusted someone, or unless they could help you out of the situation you were in. “He said it wasn’t all that pressing, that while he was here in Hub he would be alright. But it means he can’t go home, and that… I’d like to help him fix that. To be able to go home without having to worry about what the curse might do, about what he might be made to do.”

Steve’s admission that he knew very little about curses earned him a wide, brilliant smile from Christian, “I only know a little myself. We’ll just have to learn!” Chris hadn’t really asked Steve for help because he thought Steve would know more about curses or magic than he did, but because he needed someone to just be there, and he knew Steve would. He trusted Steve. And it absolutely could not be Safi. Because that… Chris needed to focus, and maybe, just maybe, doing something without Safi would help him feel… Less dependent on the other man. Maybe it would prove to Safi that he could do things on his own.

Maybe it would make being friends more bearable.


Hm. Chris tried to remember more about the witch from the comic books, but the lady with the cat was the best he could do off the cuff. So he shrugged, and smiled easily to Wanda, “We’ll see then.” The lack of knowledge didn’t really bother him. They’d go, and he’d get to meet her, and that was fine by him.

He flinched because he knew just how much Wanda could ‘unmake’ and how powerful she could be, and.. Nope. Not good.

“Okay, well, I have what I need,” which was a notebook with his current notes, what he knew about Castiel’s curse, and a backpack with some other random things (and clothes) that he might need. He’d taken care of things on his end, with Safi and with his work, so he had time, and he was most certainly willing. “Ready when you guys are.”

RE: Curses and Cures - 616 Steve Rogers - 11-25-2017

Steve listens to Wanda and Christian talk, most of the specifics going over his head, until Wanda mentions something called a timelock portal.

"Wait, you can make a portal home?" Steve asks, trying to keep the excitement out of his voice. Could he stay there and pretend this whole thing was just a nightmare. Perhaps she could even send him back to the 40s. He could save Bucky. They could see the end of the war and then go home like they were supposed to.

Then Christian gives him a really nice smile and Steve can't help but to think that it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if he had to stay here.

Christian checks over everything and then announces that he's ready to go. Steve nods along. He still feels pretty useless and out of his depth, but he's not going to let that stop him from helping however he can.

RE: Curses and Cures - Wanda Maximoff - 12-27-2017

Damn it Tony.

Wanda turned apologetic eyes to Steve; “Yes. But-“ she spread her hands “I can only pinpoint with any attempt at accuracy sometime I know. I plan on finding my teacher a few years after she met me; while ‘I’ am with the avengers and she is not currently dealing with any other students.”

Wanda took a breath. “I don’t know for certain what would happen if I sent you back to the war Steve.” Wanda rested her hand on his arm lightly.

“Perhaps you would create a new universe.” As they had seen many of so far. “Or perhaps you would rewrite my history, Tony’s history. Perhaps I and my brother would never see Captain America, and you would not be there to give us the option away from my Father. To chose to fight for the right reasons.” Wanda’s lips thinned unhappily. “I know you wouldn’t risk everything that has come in my past. You are too good a man.”

Her hand tightened on his arm, “im so sorry Steve. I can promise that there is happiness for you there is.”

She looked at the pair nodding at Chris, taking a step away holding Steve’s hand in hers a thin line of red connecting them. Her off hand spun around and around a portal.

The idle thought came to her that Stephan would be amused to see her using his tricks.


Meeting Agatha was...interesting, she was perhaps the one person in the world that took no shit from anyone regardless of how powerful or unstable. Which for Wanda was priceless.

The witch had taken to Chris after a long and brutal assessment asking personal and magical questions with impunity.

“We are 6 years ahead of when you left.” Wanda explained to Steve as Chris was interrogated.”perhaps you would like to spar while we wait?” She offered.

RE: Curses and Cures - Christian Verglas - 12-28-2017

A portal for Steve to go home.

Okay, so Christian tries really hard to be as altruistic as possible. He tries really, really hard to make decisions based on what is in the best interest of those he cares about, and for what is best for people in general. Still, when Steve seems so eager to get the heck out of dodge, Christian couldn’t help but turn his gaze to Wanda almost shyly, worry and maybe just a little, teensy tiny bit of selfish hope that she can’t just make a portal for Steve like that in his heart. And that little bit of hope causes a whole landslide of guilt, because yes, Steve is one of the few friends that Christian had (here or back home, which yes, he was aware that made him terribly pathetic), and Christian wanted him to be happy, he really did, but… Chris didn’t want Steve to go home. Not that he wouldn’t do everything he could to help the man get back there now that he realized how much he wanted to go, but.. The guilt only mounted when Wanda said that she couldn’t just send him back.

He looked up at Steve, brown eyes serious, if just a little bit hesitant as he reached over to pat the man on the arm, “Once we figure out how to cure Castiel of his curse, I’ll see if I can study up on that sort of thing, Steve.” He frowned, “Not to the war - that would cause a huge mess I think, but… Back to where in the timeline you came here from, at least?” He looked toward Wanda again, “I don’t think any of us want to rewrite history. There are parts we might not like, but changing things can have...consequences.” Ones they couldn’t know about, and that could be so very bad. And really, Wanda’s history was volatile enough without taking Captain America away from her and Quicksilver. For real. When she mentioned Steve being too good to do that, Christian nodded slowly, then gave his friend’s arm another pat, “I promise, Steve. I’ll work to see you able to go home if you want to.”


Christian had expected Wanda’s teacher to be suspicious, and to be challenging. He hadn’t expected the level of invasion into his life, mind, and knowledge that she’d pressed on him, but he was determined to pass whatever test she threw at him, answer all her questions, even if the answers were embarrassing. He was honest with her, at least.

He was 29, he was an orphan, the only family he had was his sister, and she wasn't really his sister but another orphan. No, he wasn't a virgin (and he had blushed hard at that one), yes he'd loved someone before, and yes he was pretty sure he'd had his heart broken. He'd been given the hard and fast version of mentorship by the teacher who had found his magic out. Yes, he knew that he wasn't very knowledgeable, but he wanted to learn. He valued real, true friendship over having many acquaintances, but it was hard to find real friends. He created most of his friends. He liked his job as a PA, but sometimes felt boxed in by his superiors. He disliked some of his bosses, but that was personal, not work related. By the time Agatha was done, Christian felt drained, and she knew him perhaps better than the two people who had come with him on this quest, but then, they knew him better afterward, too.

When Christian said that he would work hard, he’d meant it. He studied non-stop, pausing only to eat when his friends came to pull him away for meals, sleeping when his eyes grew too heavy to keep open. People compared him to Tony Stark, and the younger man just didn’t see it, except… Maybe in this one way, in the dogged determination and ability to steadfastly keep working for hours and even days on end, the two finally had something in common.

RE: Curses and Cures - 616 Steve Rogers - 12-28-2017

Steve feels the smile slip from his face the moment Wanda turns her sad eyes towards him. She has a list of very valid reasons why sending Steve home was a bad idea. And Steve has to admit, she's not wrong. He's no Mr. Stark, but even he's smart enough to know that creating extra universes is probably a dangerous thing.

Steve tries to at least be warmed by the fact that he seems to have had a profound impact on her life, but even that's not enough to stop the cold ache of regret at the knowledge that he can never truly go home.

Steve feels a soft hand on his arm. “I'm so sorry Steve. I can promise that there is happiness for you there is.” She sounds sincere and Steve wants to believe her so badly. He gives her a pale shadow of his normal smile.

"Of course. I understand." Steve tells her, putting on his Captain America voice, because they have a mission and there isn't time for Steve Rogers to have a pity party.

Then Christian is putting another gentle hand on his back and promising to help open a portal back to his world. It might not be the familiar home of 1940s, but it's better than nothing he supposes. Though it will be hard to return with everything he's learned. How can he casually joke with Iron Man, knowing it's Mr. Stark beneath the mask? And he now has a whole list of people he hasn't even met yet that he needs to worry about.

"Thank you," Steve says.

Wanda steps away and red lines fly from her hand to form the portal. Steve straightens, any lingering sadness or doubt disappearing under the dutiful mask of Captain America.


Wanda's teacher wasn't what Steve was expecting. She had looked Steve up and down, declared that he had no knack for magic and moved on to Christian. As they waited for him Wanda offers to spar.

Steve immediately agree. He's seen a little of her magic, but hasn't yet seen it used in any sort of combat.

Steve puts himself in a fighting stance. "Alright, ready?"

RE: Curses and Cures - Wanda Maximoff - 12-29-2017

Few people knew Steve Rogers as well as they thought they did; she had the presumption to believe that she knew him better than many in his inner circle. So when she heard his voice shift, saw him don the Captain America persona as a cloak Wanda gave him an out.

He didn’t need to know that yet another person from his future knew him better than he knew them. It wasn’t fair, and the imbalance would only upset him.

So she brought it down to the terms she and he had first bonded on.

Of course the difference between the girl he’d first trained and the woman that stood before him was only about two decades of nearly constant battles and tutelage under his and others.

But this was still Steve Rogers and she expected a good fight. It would be interesting to see his reactions to her hex’s.

“I’m curious how this will go?” A mischievous smile touched her lips, at odds with the mostly sad looks she’d been gracing him with. Scarlet light danced around her hands, Wanda was going to start easy no flying or major hex’s, so the easy combo she threw at him would likely be familiar. He’d taught it to her after all.

What would likely not be expected was that her hex’s would mean his traditional counter would land him on his butt.

RE: Curses and Cures - 616 Steve Rogers - 12-29-2017

Wanda smiles, a mischievous smile that makes her look young and impish. Then she releases a series of red tendrils. Not sure what to make of the attack Steve raises his shield protectively. Suddenly he finds himself on his butt, halfway across the room, his shield still held up protectively in front of him. Interesting. He will need to ask her more about her powers later. For now he springs to his feet, grinning, and launches a counter attack.

Taking into account the fact that she has trained with him before, and thus knows his basic moves, Steve forgoes his traditional attack method. Instead, He throws his shield high, letting it bounce off the walls creating a symphony of noise and chaos. Then charges at her, taking note to avoid any magic tendrils she might send his way.

RE: Curses and Cures - Wanda Maximoff - 01-11-2018

Wanda relaxed her control letting her power flow into the space between them, the disturbance of his shield across her senses was felt more than seen. She knew where it WAS not where it was going...yet.

Wanda’s clothing shredded away leaving behind her vibrant scarlet armored bodysuit wiggling her eyebrows at him comically.

Wanda lets Steve rush her bracing herself to take his weight, it’s only physical skill that has her lifting him up and over her shoulder on the other hand its her hexes that ensures he lands where his shield hits.

RE: Curses and Cures - 616 Steve Rogers - 01-11-2018

Wanda's clothes fall away and Steve almost stumbles, distracted by the sudden wardrobe change. He's pretty sure his future self didn't teach her that trick.

Suddenly he feels his feet leave the floor as he goes over her shoulder. He lands on his feet behind her, just as his shield takes aim at his head. He catches it on instinct.

He flicks his wrist, aiming the shield at her legs.