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Dinner for Two - Jaya - 09-12-2017

Jaya had invited McCoy to have dinner with her, for a variety of reasons. The first was that she'd finally gotten the shuttle working, so it would be possible for them to go home. The second was because she wanted some time alone with him before that happened, and they quite possibly went their separate ways, and it irked her that they still hadn't coupled. which lead her to the third reason. Belle has assured her that for a male from her cultural group, a 'home cooked meal' would be an excellent way to get him interested in coupling.
Belle had prepared the food, and helped Jaya set the table in a manner she said was appropriate.

Now, it was just a matter of waiting for the Terran to arrive.

RE: Dinner for Two - Leonard McCoy - 09-12-2017

So Jaya was takin’ his challenge to court seriously, or at least was making an effort to invite him to dinner that wasn't directly in her club, which he'd eaten more than a few meals at.

So he'd dressed with some care, the dark navy blue suit jacket and slacks brought out his eyes, the open necked white dress shirt kept it from being TOO formal. Bones had used some of his accumulated credit on getting it fitted to his frame.

Bring a gentleman he'd also brought a bouquet of iridescent rose like blooms, he'd never seen the like before and hoped they'd be as unique to her.

McCoy knew well that the gesture was old fashioned, and not particularly valuable, but he wasn't paying for her time, and this was a gesture of thought more than any sort of indication of his wealth.

And so like the gentleman he was McCoy knocked on the private entrance side of her home.

RE: Dinner for Two - Jaya - 09-12-2017

Jaya opened the door, and accepted the blossoms with a smile. He didn't know it, but..."I'm flattered." she said "Flowers like these are a traditional courting gift on Orion." dating back to the days when the only thing a man would have to offer would be flowers he could pick, or some kind of small handicraft, and even then giving a gift was almost scandalously bold. Still, it was good to acknowledge courtship for what it was, even if it seemed vaugely absurd to engage in courtship behavior with a Terran.

"Please, come inside. Dinner is waiting." she lead him into the dining room in the family quarters. Normally, everyone would eat together, but tonight she'd asked to have the room to herself. The room, like most of the spaces in the family quarters was simply, but comfortably furnished. "Belle prepared the food, and she promised it would be something you will enjoy."

RE: Dinner for Two - Leonard McCoy - 09-12-2017

“Well now.” He chuckled, “seems we got more in common than ya’d think.” To be honest in more than a few ways the world she'd described behind the veil of sex and lies had more than a few parallels to the large clan homes of his childhood.

Where three or four generations lived under an extended roof, all under the watchful eye of the Matriarch.

“She's a damn good cook.” He agreed moving in the table, continuing his manners Leo pulled out her chair for her, gesturing for her to sit.

“Ya got lucky on that one.”

RE: Dinner for Two - Jaya - 09-12-2017

"Perhaps we do." Jaya said, and then added "I've met some other people from your region of Earth, and I'm a bit surprised by how similar their culture is to my own. Its odd, to meet aliens who are so" she chuckled "So very normal." It was an odd sensation. A vital part of her education had been the idea that aliens were, well, alien. To meet Terrans who lived in large, extended families, even if they weren't under one roof, where the females had the authority within the family was at odds with that.

"I did get lucky." Jaya replied "We have fried chicken, mashed potatoes, collard greens and peach pie for dessert. Oh, and cornbread." she smiled as he pushed in her chair, and then waited for her to uncover the dishes and start serving the food "Belle is an excellent cook, and the food is rather similar to Orion cuisine."

RE: Dinner for Two - Leonard McCoy - 09-15-2017

Leo chuckled, “More time we spend the closer we seem like. Seems like that's a nice kinda thought.” Leo finished pushing in her chair, taking a moment to brush the waterfall of her hair away from the back, “Now than-” he began taking his own seat.

“How's your business goin’ meet anyone interesting?” He asked smiling appreciatively as each dish was uncovered. “Ya keep sayin’ Orion dishes are like southern cookin’ but ya haven't let me try any yet so I can judge.” He teased.

RE: Dinner for Two - Jaya - 09-15-2017

"Its nice, but its also a bit odd." Jaya replied "The Terrans I've know before this have been so alien, compared to some of the ones I've met here." she gave a little shiver when he brushed her hair back, enjoying the feel of his hands touching her, even if it was just for a moment. Hopefully it'd be the start of less fleeting touches, if the evening went well.

"The business is going well." Jaya replied "Very well, in fact. So well that I think that I'll return here, after we've gone back. I'll want to see my family, talk to the Syndicate but-" she smiled "There are a lot of good opportunities here." not mentioning the interesting people, since she was fairly certain McCoy didn't want to here about males she'd coupled with. "Maybe next time we have dinner." Jaya said "You can compare the two, and see what you think."

RE: Dinner for Two - Leonard McCoy - 09-24-2017

“First thin’ they tried ta teach us; ‘Aliens are alien.’ Course I prefer ta find the humanity in everyone an’ not the otherness.” He didn't mean it in a negative way, more that everyone had to have a few basic similarities, so why not focus on that?

Leo's eyebrows raised; “ya’d cook for me? Or gonna make the boys do it?” He wondered curiously.

RE: Dinner for Two - Jaya - 09-24-2017

"Sometimes, though, the similarities are just surface and illusion, while the differences are much more important, and go right down to the bone." Jaya pointed out "Even if those differences are largely cultural, and not based on biology." speaking more freely, and showing more of her education that she would ever have thought she would around a Terran, but McCoy had shown that he didn't like his females silly and simpering. Which was a welcome change, and presented her with new challenges. It was easy to play the sweet, simple, eager slave girl. Displaying herself as a intelligent, attractive woman, while at the same time not giving too much away, that was interesting and new.

Jaya smiled "I will leave that up to you, since you'll be the guest. I will say that if you want it to be better than 'edible and nourishing', it would be best to have Kaalth or Ruvet prepare it. If you want the meal prepared from fresh ingredients, at any rate. Otherwise, I'd have to depend on the replicator, and even then, I'm not the best replicator programmer when it comes to food."

But that was flirtation, and she had asked him here for a more serious matter. "I did invite you here to discuss something more important even than food and coupling." she said, not entirely willing to abandon flirtation "The repairs are done on the shuttle, if you wish to attempt a return to your ship."

RE: Dinner for Two - Leonard McCoy - 10-10-2017

Leo waved his hand dismissively “Ya can say that about Earth cultures too Darlin’. Hell that old chestnut of nature vs nurture gets inta it too.” Leo enjoyed a good discussion/argument, that too was in his blood.

At her return quip Leo chuckled, showing off the very fine lines age and stress had begun to carve around his eyes that he wasn't vain enough to Regen. “Tell ya what. How about a picnic? Not gotta have much cooked an’ I'll bring something warm. There's a few nice overlooks and forests in this mishmash of places.” He offered gallantly.

“Oh?” Leo set down his drink, eyebrow slowly lowering as she explained. “Huh.” Funny thing, after a few months he...kinda stopped thinking about getting home. Honestly? The fact he felt abandoned by his closest friends hurt him deeply. And damn if there wasn't enough to keep him busy as he wanted most days.

“Well than I guess we are cancelling the picnic.”

RE: Dinner for Two - Jaya - 10-11-2017

"At a certain point, though, it doesn't matter if a behavior is biological or cultural, or both." Jaya pointed out "But when we're talking about differences between beings who evolved on different planets, it makes sense that at least some of the differences would be rooted in biology."

"Or delaying the picnic until we return." Jaya replied "Or perhaps we can have it on one of the planets near Verex, I'll need to go there for some time, to see my family, and make plans for my return." There was no reason that she could see for McCoy to not come back with her, after all.

RE: Dinner for Two - Leonard McCoy - 10-11-2017

Leo shook his head, “Gonna be a few months. Star fleet is going to want to debrief me. Than the Enterprise should be starting up her trials by then-” he scratched a thumb over his jawline. “Or maybe finishing up depending on how close they hit the build date.” The idea that he wouldn't be joining Jim or that he wouldn't be Captaining the Enterprise wasn't a question in his mind.

“Maybe a year till I have leave and are near enough to where you end up.”

RE: Dinner for Two - Jaya - 10-11-2017

"I'm going to end up back here." Jaya replied "Or at least I hope I will. There are a truly dizzying number of opportunities here. But I do hope that you will come to visit."

She smiled winsomely "So, if you're going to be so dedicated to your duty, and your Starfleet, so much that you'll walk away from this place, and not come back to see me for a year, what do you say that tonight you let me give you a taste of what will be waiting for you when you come back?"