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Rating: 3-3-3

Word Count: None

Fandoms: All

Canons: Open/Oc's Welcome!

Bans: Howard the Duck,
RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

Main Rule:Don't Be a Dick

OOC min age:18

Kailani Mahelona

Job: Stark Tech/Superhero
Ship Status: KAKE
Sexual Orientation:Sexual Orientation is Yes.

Sexual Orientation is Yes.

Kailani Mahelona
full name: Kailani Ruth Mahelona
nicknames/aliases/code name: Kai, Amp,
canon or oc: OC
anchor character: No
species: Inhuman
gender: Female
age: 23
date of birth: January 7th 1994
place of birth: Oahu, Hawaii
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Marvel
fandom universe: Marvel MCU-1
pronouns: She/Her
occupation: Stark Industries Techie
languages: English, Hawaiian, a smattering of Spanish
playby: Serena Karnagy
height: 5'3
weight: 108 lbs
hair color: Black
eye color: Brown
distinguishing features: She glows- from large rocks embedded in her skin.
sexual orientation: Straight
family: A Mother and a Father that she was forcefully estranged from- Two younger sisters- one of whom is sort of dead and the other who Kai was also forcefully estranged from.
relationship status: Single
Glowing Balls of Doom
No really.
That's it.

Pohaku: Despite the uncreative naming of the luminescent stones, they hold within them a complex form of power that even their owner does not understand. The five crystals have each been generated from a significant life event and have her emotions tied to them (though practice has blessed her with the ability to retain her emotions even if she tethers a stone to someone else.)

Shape Changing: The stones are capable of being formed into whatever Kai's mind can supply- the only limit being the amount of material. Each Pohaku is the strength of the average rock- and as such does lose structural strength as it is thinned- however the five she has offer her enough to build something about the size of Captain America's shield before it starts being too thin to hold up to much of anything.

Sensation: The pohaku are literal extensions of her body and she does have feeling in them (though it's rather hard to describe to someone who doesn't have magic rocks)

Anti Gravity: Buoyed by the energy of her power, when not tethered directly to someone's skin (her own or others) the crystals have a stable orbit around her.

Amplification: Each one of the five crystalline forms conveys a 50% strength boost to Amp- a number she determined through relentless testing of her own capabilities, with and without the added bonuses. Through more tangential evidence and comparisons she has determined that they convey about a 25% boost per rock to any others she attaches them to- of course, that being an added 25% of their power capabilities, not hers.

Symbiosis: Using a pohaku for a 25% boost to someone else's power- Amp receives 10% of their power back (again, tangential evidence, so it would be more appropriate to say, around 10%). This is small until you understand that 20% of 150% is a higher ratio than 10% of 125%, etc. Depending on the hero this will give Amp different temporary abilities.

Absorption: Unlike when used on others, Amp is able to entirely bury the crystals under her skin- it is after all technically part of her body, though the light will continue to shine through the skin.

Tethering: As previously noted, Amp is able to use her pohaku on other people, powered or not. (In fact, she has even tethered it to an animal once, though inability to repeat this suggests she has a ways to go before she reaches the upper limits of her power. Or simply that animals don't like her much.) If she has bonded properly she can form the crystal partially into their skin- if not, she can still put it in orbit around them but it's more strenuous and more likely to be painful.
strengths: Kailani is physically fit- no longer up to competitive standards, but she does try to remain in shape. The only fighting skills she has are more or less self taught- though a quick brain means that she excels at adapting mid fight and learning from opponents. On the topic of quick brain- Kailani was a general smart- BEFORE her powers manifested. While more intangible- and thus harder to calculate numbers for- Kailani is relatively confident her brain works better when she is amped up. She hasn't found a good way to apply three years of dual major in computers and chemistry to her superheroing yet- but she's still working on that. Hot as fuck and very good at flirting.
weaknesses: She does have sensation in her pohaku- and although the stones can knit themselves back together easily- it's no less painful than if the wound were to her skin.

The power boost she gives others is half as strong as the one she gets herself.

She has to be familiar with someone's spirit to be able to boost them.

Where hitting the rocks hurts- having a pohaku forcibly removed from someone she has amplified is cripplingly painful. The kind of pain that not only knocks her out of the fight but also pretty much everything for the rest of the week.

Loss of Self: Her original pohaku is associated with her sense of self and unlike the others- she can't disconnect the emotions from it. To power someone else with this stone would be to turn herself near comatose and completely incapable of understanding why she needed the stone back.
equipment: High tech cell, tablet, and laptop on her at all times. A black hoodie, ball cap, pair of jeans, leather steel toe boots, breather mask. And whatever clothes she has on.

Kailani Ruth Mahelona was born screaming to parents Anna Laika and Kealiʻiʻaukai Edward within a week of the new year, having seemingly decided to show up earlier than anticipated from the get go- because at two months premature, there were serious concerns about whether she was going to be healthy. Those concerns were blown away shortly enough as she quickly got just as chubby as the next baby. Then she started babbling, and crawling, and then talking and walking, happily leaving other babies in the dust and quickly becoming the apple of her tutu's eye (Tutu being grandparent- though I'm using it to refer to a grandmother). The older woman being taken from the moment she met the girl who had her name as a middle name- and the moment she took hold of her hand.

Fast forward four years, and everything was still coming up Kailani. She knew how to swim, and her tutu would take her out to sit on a board and paddle together. She also met a shark that seemed to circle them, with a curious scar on it's head. She would have been scared but her tutu told her was one of their aumakua- an ancestor who had come back to watch over them. The next day Kailani brought flowers to where she had met the shark as a thanks for the shark's protection. She didn't see the shark again that year, or the next, and then she had school and a little sister to focus on. Pauahi Diane was bright like the star she was named after and her big sister was so proud to take care of her and to help her care for their other sister Ha'aheo Sara. (Reasonably enough, Kai was the only one who went by her first name.)

Kailani was about as picture perfect a child as you could get, she was happy, she was smart, and she was active. If she wasn't playing around with her chemistry set (it was her mother's but she got into it so often they started letting her and just supervising) she would be out surfing. She was just a peaceful kid with a head full of questions for most her life- though no one stays perfect in high school.

Then came the crying, and screaming at her sister. The surfing competitions only added to the stress. Kailani loved surfing, but she was almost an adult and she had two preteen sister hanging on her every step. She started sneaking out at night, and going to party with friends in abandoned lots. It just got worse when she started going to College on the island. (She lived at home for monetary reasons.) Six months after her 21st birthday, her 15 year old sister confronted her about her partying with a plan to tell their parents. With only one year of College left for her bachelors'- and knowing that news of that would ruin her surfing career- Kailani snapped. Even angry Kailani would never physically hurt her sister, so she settled for emotional pain instead. She shouted at her that her whole life was a mistake and she finally had enough of her sister who had tears welling in her eyes- she stormed out, board in tow.

This was the night that changed her life.

Maybe because it was dark, maybe because she had been drinking, or maybe because she had been angry when she climbed on to her board, she didn't notice any difference in the oncoming wave until it hit her. She had gotten up just fine but the ocean spray touched her skin and she found her body forced still as a stone cocoon built around her. By the time she realized she ought to shout for help it was most of the way up her body and being so far from shore, no one was there to hear her. She watched with horror as it closed around her head and felt the world twist around her, her blood rushing to her head more than enough to tell her what direction was going down.

No matter what her mind could offer in ways of intelligent moves, it didn't stop Kailani from hyperventilating, and using up the only bit of air she had. She wanted to scream but there was still no one to hear her. When the world twisted again and she found herself stationary on her back she realized with a graying mind that she must've been lucky and not been over too deep water. Just meant that it would be easier for her family to find her, right? Only then the tears set in and she realized she had never apologized to her sister. Her sister had only been trying to be a good daughter too.

Just when she thought she would never see the light of day again the cocoon around her started to shatter and water splashed down on her face. It was ultimately too late, since she didn't have enough oxygen to make it back up to the surface. She almost sucked in a breath of water, just to get it over with, when a shark with a curious scar bit down on her stone cocoon, shattering the rest of it. Her mind struggled to rationalize the event, even as the shark nudged her upwards as a strange crystal that had formed on her skin seemed to slide up her arm to flatten into the skin of the shark Kailani may never experience the feeling of gills opening on her neck again, but it was strange to say the least.

She's also have to describe her breathing that way as watery, her oxygen deprived brain not being able to come up with a better way of explaining the feeling. The shark swam up to the surface, seemingly content to pull her along as she loosely grasped it's dorsal fin. She gasped as she broke the surface, pulling the weirdly coloured crystal back to herself without intending to. By the time she had enough of her brain back to herself to realize where she was, the shark was nowhere to be found. Dazed and not entirely sure she hadn't dreamt it, Kailani started swimming back to shore, vaguely aware that she was breathing up water. She hit the beach and crawled up far enough the water was only licking her toes and passed right out. When she woke up the next day, the sun was only barely peaking up over the horizon.

Kailani rubbed her forehead and started stumbling home trying to figure out if she had actually almost drowned the night before. It was only when her fingers brushed a hard lump between her shoulders blades that she realized it may have been. Concentrating on the stone, she managed to make it lift into an orb in her hands. No matter how she tried though, she couldn't get a second one to form so she just rubbed her head some more, let the stone crawl back up her arm and walked the rest of the way home. Her parents weren't there when she got there, but she had returned at hours like this before, so it didn't surprise her. Hours later after she had spent the time focusing on her weird rock thing, it occurred to her to be worried.

She called both of her parents, but when they didn't reply, she tried her tutu.

And then her life changed some more. It turned out her sister had gone out to get her the previous night, out of reasonable concern that Kailani would do something stupid- and judging based on her board washing up where Kailani's was, she had gone in the water after her. A few months later Amp would have been able to tell you that it was because they were both inhumans- but for now, all she knew was that unlike the 21 year old, her sister hadn't made it back to the surface. Kailani didn't leave her room for a week after that- knowing that it was her fault her sister was almost certainly dead.

She only came out for her sister's funeral, after they found her body. She quit her College so she wouldn't have to go back, and she just stopped entering competitions altogether. Because after she apologized to her sister's grave, it didn't seem like anything would make up for what she had caused.

It was only a dark night staring at the stars that Kailani remembered the weird crystal she had gotten so used to it slipped from her mind. This time she could generate two- the first one was the same weird prismatic white- but the second one was the vibrant blue that her sister loved. Suddenly Kailani had a purpose again- it was clear to her that this blue crystal was her sister, come back as a very young aumakua to watch over Kailani, as Kailani had failed to do for her.

If that was the case, than she would do her sister proud. Her 'costume' consisted of a hoodie for months before someone proved how easy that was to pull off. Kailani tested herself relentlessly, in and out of fighting. If she was too physically tired, she would run simulations on her computer. This time she did tell her parents what she was going- well. Not about the fighting part, but the power she had gained. They were just happy to see her up and about again, and were more than happy to help with testing- to the point where they pulled Sara out of school for a day to have her help as well.

A total of six months post awakening, and Kailani realized she needed to go somewhere else. It was the superhero cliche that the family would always be in danger, and Kailani figured at 22 was a good time to move out anyways. New York City was her destination- it still had lots of water- but it didn't scare her nearly so much as the ocean had begun to. She took the prize money that she hadn't spent on College and got herself set up in a terrible apartment working a boring job as she did the one thing she cared for now- and wracked up some more pohaku/aumakua as she continued to learn. Kailani figured that somehow, doing notable things drew her ancestors here, all the way from Hawaii, to help her. Some of them she didn't feel she deserved, so she just tried harder to prove otherwise.

Considering what she was doing was sort of maybe completely illegal, a year is maybe just enough to set someone up as a hero. And acquired entirely distressing pseudo sidekick- her sister, who's terrigenesis gave her what she needed right then- it separated her from her body but gave her the ability to become solid again if she needed to. That was an interesting Skype call to say the least and anyone who had less faith in their beliefs may have called into question seeing her pohaku as aumakua if her sister was alive and well. Kai was plenty dedicated to the belief that it did little more than stumble her faith.

As the world found need for more heroes, Kai found herself fighting against a world destroying force, doing everything in her power to protect the planet that she called home. With Thanos defeated it should have calmed down. Instead a rather good photograph of her face had surfaced and the group that wanted to exterminate the inhumans knew who she was.

Kai barely knew what she was doing as she arranged for her parents to acquire forged adoption papers so they could claim no blood relation to her. She gave her parents one last voicemail and called to tell her tutu goodbye before she ran away- bringing her awakened inhuman sister with her. The two ran as far as they were able- past the edge of their own reality with the help of another inhuman who could potentially return them home when things were safer.

Said inhuman was slaughtered against the portal she had made, the exit shrinking out of existence behind the two Mahelonas. Kailani had never expected to be able to go home anyways so she may as well try and help her sister settle into the hub.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: I would love if her home beach was somehow awkwardly stitched on to New York but otherwise she lives in Brooklyn.
knowledge level of multiverse: She's aware of the theory and has maybe possibly met someone who came through the hub (and then slept with him.) Being inhuman she's more likely to believe in the improbable.
fandom specific information: The Watchdogs, a group dedicated to hunting down and eradicating inhumans. Otherwise nothing new.

RP Sample
Thanks for reading my app!
On the surface- at twenty three years old and aimless, Kailani Maha'ai is the prefect image of a washed up teen athlete- the kind that reaches their peak before they reach drinking age. Add in the fact that this poor girl always seems to have just barely enough energy and money to make it through the average day, and it seems all too clear that her days of facing down nature with nothing but her surfboard and wits are over.

Amp however has given up the days of facing down nature simply because she spends them facing down the supernatural instead- and hiding glowing stones in a bathing suit is just as difficult as it sounds. By day, she's your average tech assistance and her tan is swiftly disappearing with the amount of time she spends inside. She was more than content with her tiny apartment- having moved to New York, away from her parents and friends, she didn't exactly need entertaining room. She's in a different situation now- having given up her apartment to her sister and not quite willing to displace the ghosts of her friends and neighbours- it left her trying to find a place that she fits in this completely nutters inter-dimensional space.

On this line, no matter how bright she may be or act, the combination of her life, and her incredibly active mind, Kai is more mature than most her age. (Though I presume most would claim that.)

Friends: Amp's power is boosting the strength of herself or others- but she must be close with any others she powers up. So obviously, Kai tries to make friends. She both tries to be outgoing, and helpful- even though she is surprisingly shy when other people approach her instead of the other way around. She firmly believes in cultivating friendship through a combination of video games, science, and baked goods. Now, to make it to true friend, you do have to distinguish yourself. When one makes it a goal to have as many friends as possible, it quickly makes it hard to achieve a real connection.

If you are lucky enough to have made a true friend in Amp- Then you have a friend who will move heaven and earth for you- there are very few hard limits to what she will do to help you. Having temporarily lost her sister, Kai knows better than to take any relationship for granted. (She also holds a particular admiration for those without powers who still try to make the world better.)

Enemies: Amp is not an easy to offend individual- She has a hyper active mind, but it's the kind that thoughts of grudges are quickly lost in. If you insult people she cares about though- that's a line that you can't cross more than accidentally . (Although obviously, Amp will only tolerate so many insults to herself before she puts you in your place.)

The only other things that she won't take are people who hurt other people just to hurt them- People who hurt others to get what they want, and the people who fall into the category of her greatest fear. People who would take advantage of her for her powers to do terrible things.

Lovers: Amp is 23- so it's simply not true to say that she's looking for her soulmate. For right now, she's just looking for experiences. She is however, as susceptible to the whims of the heart as anyone else, and is no more capable of controlling who she loves or falls in love with than anyone is.

Amp is sexual with no prefix- she wants to give and receive pleasure and affection, and she just doesn't care what you identify as- female, male, genderqueer, other places on the spectrum, mermaid or unicorn. To her it will always be about the heart and mind under the skin.

Admirers: Few and far between nowadays- but once upon a time, Her name was the kind that you could hear at random- with a variety of advertisements, and championship wins to her name. She does actually have a practiced signature, the kind that she used to give out to children when they ran into her in the local grocery store. It wouldn't be impossible to have heard her name before- especially if you watch the sports channel, there is a decent chance you may have heard news about one of her competitions just as your preferred sport began or ended- of course it's up to you to decide whether or not her name is multiversal.

nicknames: Moon
age: 22
pronouns: They/Them though I am notoriously bad about forgetting that so I do respond to she/her.
timezone: Est
contact: discord, Skype, hipchat w/e. Discord is best though.
triggers: don't think so.
mature threading: yeah sure.
other characters: Quethadia Nyx, Castiel
about: has more ideas than they know what to do with.
23. Stark Tech/Superhero/Hacker. Marvel MCU-1. Serena Karnagy.
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