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Rating: 3-3-3

Word Count: None

Fandoms: All

Canons: Open/Oc's Welcome!

Bans: Howard the Duck,
RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

Main Rule:Don't Be a Dick

OOC min age:18

Darkwing Duck
Darkwing Duck -Disney Cartoon

Job: Hero
Ship Status:
Sexual Orientation:Heteroducksual.


Drake Mallard
full name: Drake Mallard
nicknames/aliases/code name: Darkwing Duck
canon or oc: canon
anchor character: yes
species: Duck
gender: Male
age: 25
date of birth: March 31, 1991
place of birth: St. Canard General Hospital
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Darkwing Duck Animated Series
fandom universe:Original
pronouns: He/Him
occupation: Superhero
languages: English
playby: N/A
height: 4’1”
weight: 65 pounds
hair color: white feathers
eye color: black
distinguishing features: Anthropomorphic duck, stands upright, hands are made of his wingtips having three fingers and a thumb.
sexual orientation: Heteroducksual (likes to take a gander at the lady ducks), no cross-species interest as of yet!
family: No known biological relations, but has an adopted 9-year-old daughter Gosalyn Mallard, his sidekick Launchpad McQuack is practically a brother.
relationship status: Dating Morgana Macawber, a witchy duck, off and on.
powers: No specific superpowers. Despite being a duck he can’t fly and has vaguely human abilities. I say vaguely because as a ‘toon’ he’s remarkably durable, taking injuries in comedic ways and often healing up moments later. For example, a refrigerator lands on him and when the door is opened he’s standing there in the hole his body made in the fridge, looking dazed and ruffled but otherwise okay.
strengths: Darkwing solves his cases due to three things: luck, the help of friends, and determination. One of his main motivations for being a hero is to help those in need and when he has his bill screwed on right he can be very selfless. His role as Gosalyn’s father helps keep him in track in this regard. On occasion Darkwing can be actually clever as opposed to his usual trying too hard to be clever.
weaknesses: The other main motivation for Darkwing being a hero is his ego. He craves the fame of being St. Canard’s one true hero and he will often lose sight of actually helping people for the sake of getting good press. Darkwing definitely has delusions of grandeur and will favor the narrative in his mind over reality. A clear example of this is that he's given three different versions of his origin story, none of which might be correct.
equipment: Standard utility belt equipment with cartoony levels of ridiculousness. He’s got a grappling hook gun, purple smoke pellets, and then whatever cheesy yet perfect device he needs for any given situation, though there’s a high chance of the device backfiring. There is also the infamous Thunderquack, the plane shaped like his head complete with bill that opens up and has a gun inside, but only Launchpad can pilot it.
Darkwing’s actual history is complicated and absurd. Throughout the show there’s been three different origin stories for him ranging from the geeky teen duck who fell in with the wrong crowd and was set on the right path when his future self came back in time to tell him he had a future as a superhero to the alien duck who crash landed on Earth when his escape ship bumped against the escape ship of his twin, Negaduck (who ultimately became his nemesis).
We only ever see his past through his narration or the narration of other characters, which gives a mythological ‘anything could be true’ aspect to it and allowed the writers to satirize every superhero origin trope they could along the way. The only thing we actually know about him, based on screen time, is that he lives in ‘Darkwing Tower’, a small apartment at the top of one of the towers of Audobon Bay Bridge in the city of St. Canard, that he spends more time as Darkwing Duck than he does his alter ego Drake Mallard, that he’s obsessed with his superhero image to the point where pursuing his glorious reputation interferes with actual heroing, and that he’s fiercely loyal to his adopted family - his daughter Gosalyn and his friend Launchpad McQuack.
Something that’s never outright said, but implied with Drake Mallard’s delusions of grandeur, multiple varying histories, and reluctance to get close to others is something pretty traumatic in his past probably involving his family. In writing him I intend to explore this and most likely break from canon and invent what happened to him.
While each episode of the show features absurd plots plucked from the superhero pantheon, certain aspects of Darkwing’s life are consistent, giving depth to his character beyond the over-the-top storylines. What happened to his biological family is never explained, but it’s clear from the first episode that Darkwing makes family of those he gets close to, even if he wears his ‘loner’ persona as an armor initially to prevent him from getting close to anyone. The pilot Launchpad McQuack is a fan of Darkwing’s, having secretly developed a plane (over a year!) that looks like Darkwing’s head, and he inserts himself as Darkwing’s sidekick despite Darkwing’s insistence that he doesn’t need a sidekick. Darkwing Duck is the terror that flaps in the night, not the terror that rides with a buddy. It doesn’t take long for Darkwing to need Launchpad’s help though, and, as is often the case when Darkwing is able to look away from his own ego, he’s able to see the truth - that Launchpad is his closest friend. Nine-year-old Gosalyn is an orphan who Darkwing protects as part of a case, but he develops affection for her during the time she stays with him and rather than send her back to the orphanage adopts her. Darkwing doesn’t do things part way.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub for established universe: City of St. Canard, Darkwing Tower which is part of the Audobon Bay Bridge
knowledge level of multiverse: Darkwing’s adventures have taken him into the past, the future, and into alternate universes. He’s a veteran of dimensional weirdness.
fandom specific information: The Darkwing Duck series was written as a satire/spoof on classic superhero tropes. Many of the character/place/organization names are analogous to names of heroes from other fandoms. For example, S.H.U.S.H is the Darkwing version of S.H.I.E.L.D. (though the acronym doesn’t actually stand for anything) and the director is J. Gander Hooter.
Anchor Character Section
which fandom: Darkwing Duck
which universe: TV Cartoon Show
timeline: To keep things simple(r) it’s mid season 1 of the TV show where Darkwing has struggled with his need to prove his worth alone and is slowly learning to see the value in working with others, depending on a team.
where is the Hub portal located: The portal to the Hub is located in the air a hundred feet above Darkwing Tower. After a caper Darkwing asks Launchpad to fly the Thunderquack over his home and parachutes out to arrive home in style. Darkwing goes through a cloud and then lands on what he thinks is his tower but is actually the echo of his tower in the Hub.
If not already established in canon do the following exist?

magic:Yes, canon.
aliens:Yes, canon.
advanced technology: Yes, canon.
mythical creatures: Yes, canon.

what landmark(s) to start with in Hub? There’s already a Darkwing Duck section of the Hub, this would comprise mostly the city of St. Canard with an interior location of Darkwing Tower as part of the Audobon Bay Bridge.
RP Sample
The sky screamed as the Thunderquack cut through it, the glass eyes of its cockpit gleaming with victory just as the eyes of its pilot did. For Launchpad McQuack it had been a glorious day, glorious indeed. He patted the control panel of the Thunderquack lovingly as he recalled the look on Quackerjack’s face as he’d shot a net from the ‘Quack’s bill, capturing the nefarious villain before he’d escaped.

Nefarious… that’s something Darkwing would say, though Darkwing wasn’t saying much of anything, sitting in the copilot’s seat with his arms crossed, a pout perched on his bill.

“Aw, come on DW, you woulda gotten him eventually… “

Darkwing grabbed the broad brim of his purple hat and yanked it down, punctuating the action with a “harumph”.

“I mean, I was just in position, and we’re a team, right DW?”

“Harumph.” Darkwing slunk down in his seat.

“I mean, he had a bomb that blew a whole canyon between you and him, and I had a perfect shot…”

“Er ahd a grpplun gun,” Darkwing muttered from under his hat.

“What was that DW?”

Darkwing ripped off his hat with a flourish. “I [i]said[/i] I have a grappling gun. Made exactly for grappling across canyons, chasms, or crannies. I was about to grapple when…”

“You’re mad at me… I thought I snatched victory from the jaws of…”

“You snatched victory from the iron-feathered-grasp of Darkwing Duck… I’m humiliated, darkened by a Launchpad-shaped shadow, humbled even.”

“Oh I wouldn’t go so far as to say…”

“Okay, maybe not humbled. But I had it handled.”

For a minute there was only the whine of the ‘Quack’s engines and then finally Launchpad turned to Darkwing, head hanging down. “I’m sorry DW… I’ll wait next time…”

“Good!” Darkwing said, nodding his head firmly, then hesitating as he saw the shift in his friend’s demeanor. This was why he needed Gosalyn on missions, to remind him when he was being too much flappy terror and not enough plain decent duck. “I mean, good… work… Launchpad… you did the right thing?”

“Aw, really DW?”

“Yeah, I was just jeal - “ but he didn’t finish as Launchpad, suddenly pleased with himself again, dipped the nose of the Thunderquack down, taking her into a dive. “Phew,” he added as the plane levelled out again. “Enough with the fancy flying friend, I think I’ll get out here.”



“In the middle of the sky?”

“The wind whistling by me as I hurtle to the ground and bone-shattering death might be just what I need to lift my spirits. Uh, so to speak, since I’ll actually be going down. Nevermind.” Darkwing unbuckled his seat and hopped out, nabbing a parachute from the inside of the fuselage. He approached the door, stopping to salute. “Swing by later for a celebratory beer Launchpad.”

“Uh, DW, we’re a kids’ show…”

“Right… chocolate milk is what I meant to say… as well as… “ He popped open the door, immediately hurtling out into the lower pressure outside the plane. As he plummeted down he shouted, “Arrivederciiiii….”, his voice cutting off as he was enveloped in a cloud. Fluffy looking things from afar, damp and clingy up close, the cloud blocked all visibility for five seconds before he popped out underneath, his tower home directly below him. He popped his chute and his fall stopped short for a second as the wind took the cloth. He might have flubbed the capture earlier, but his descent to the balcony of his apartment was flawless, the huge purple chute draping delicately over the railing. “Home sweet home,” he sighed as detached the harness and walked into the kitchen to get some milk.

And found beer. Multiple six packs of it.

“What the fuck?” he muttered and immediately clamped both wings on his bill, holding it shut. How had he said that? Where were the censors? This was a [i]kids’[/i] show. “I didn’t even know I knew that word. And where did this beer come from?” He grabbed a can of Quack’s Blue Ribbon and walked back out on the balcony. Had he ever had beer before? Shrugging he cracked open the can. “I am the hipster that drinks bad beer in order to be cool.” Darkwing took a long gulp. And sprayed it out over the bridge below. “That’s nasty… bleh bleh… [i]bleh![/i] What is going on?”

That was when he looked out toward the horizon and suddenly dropped the can of beer. There was a soft tink as it hit the road far below. “What the fuck?” he asked for the second time in his life. In the distance he could see the skyline of St. Canard, but beyond that, where there should be suburbs and then farmland there was a strange glow, and hulking buildings that had never been there before, and the look of them was somehow more… alive. As if he was just occupying a drawn world and the real world was at the borders of his home city. “Where am I?”

Darkwing Duck is a cartoon duck hero who is a caricature of multiple superhero tropes. He loves wit, loves being thought of as mysterious and dangerous, and will go to great lengths to prove his prowess. When he chills his bill a bit and looks away from his ego he’s a kind and helpful duck who is looking to connect with others.
He doesn’t know how he got into the Hub, though he does know about other dimensions/universes and is actively looking for a way to get home.
Darkwing has been dating Morgana Macawber in his own universe, but isn’t committed to her. I don’t see getting him involved with interspecies romance right off the bat, but who knows how life in the Hub will affect him over time. As far as general relationships, Darkwing varies from being a lurking loner to being garrulous and sociable. He will look at his situation in the Hub as one giant case and talk to as many people as possible to try and understand what is going on.

nicknames: Bird
age: Born in ‘76.
pronouns: He/Him
timezone: PST
contact: pdxpaperpauper@gmail.com, that email is also my handle on aim, dkraven911 on skype
triggers: Not a fan of writing out torture scenes, but no real triggers.
mature threading: With Darkwing? More like immature threading, but if something develops (God forbid) I don’t have any hard boundaries with sex or violence, just check with m.
other characters: Not yet.
about: I dig taking canon characters and putting my own spin on them, making them feel real. DW is obviously a challenge in that regard, we’ll see how it goes!
25. Hero. Disney cartoons. Himself.
thanks♥︎ [/dohtml]
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