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Rating: 3-3-3

Word Count: None

Fandoms: All

Canons: Open/Oc's Welcome!

Bans: Howard the Duck,
RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

Main Rule:Don't Be a Dick

OOC min age:18

Steve Rogers

Job: Rogue Superhero
Ship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation:Bisexual


full name: Groot
nicknames/aliases/code name: Stick, Twig, Baby Groot
canon or oc: canon
anchor character: no
species: Flora colossus
gender: male
age: Unknown/Ageless
date of birth: exact date unknown
place of birth: Planet X
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Marvel
fandom universe: MCU
pronouns: he/him
occupation: Guardian of the Galaxy, Rocket’s bodyguard/houseplant, angry toddler
playby: Groot
height: Currently 10 inches tall, will grow to be approx. 23 feet.
weight: 2lbs
hair color: no hair, has twigs and some leaves/greenery growing from his head
eye color: brown
distinguishing features: He’s a walking, talking (sort of) tree.
sexual orientation: Maybe
family: The Guardians of the Galaxy (Peter Quill, Rocket the Raccoon, Gamora, Drax, Yondu, and Mantis
relationship status: single
  • Superhuman Strength: Groot is capable of great feats of strength, from breaking sturdy metal items to fighting other super strong opponents to lifting and flailing around ten armored warriors with comparative ease.
  • Enhanced Speed: Despite his large size, Groot is remarkably quick and limber. He was able to quickly grab Rocket and escape the Collector's Museum, dodging the explosion caused by an Infinity Stone.
  • Superhuman Durability: The skin of Groot is composed entirely of a dense and durable wood, thus allowing him to easily sustain large amounts of damage from firearms, melee weapons and explosions. He can easily hold against several blows of Gamora's sword, various shots of the Kyln Drones, multiple punches from Drax, and Sakaarans' attacks.
  • Elasticity: Groot can extend any part of his body to make himself longer. He can make himself taller and extend his fingers and arms.
  • Flower Generation: Groot is able to grow flowers out of his palm.
  • Body Manipulation: Groot has the ability to change his physical form, and shape his body in various ways. He can also manipulate his body to form organic constructs that he uses as tools or weapons:
    • Branch Shield: Groot can coat his arms in a shell seemingly composed entirely of twigs. The resulting shield is bulletproof. To save the Guardians when the Dark Aster fell, Groot shaped his whole body into a massive sphere. The sphere was able to save the lives of the Guardians, although it was completely destroyed along with Groot's body.
    • Vine Tentacles: Groot is able to create and manipulate many vine-like appendages to interact with objects or people. While attempting to capture Star-Lord, he used several of these appendages to hold Gamora. He also used them to try to stifle Drax, but they were quickly destroyed.
    • Twig Spikes: Groot can briefly grow rows of sharp twigs. He used one of these spikes to pierce Drax's chest, giving him a hole to breathe through.
  • Light Generation: Groot is able to emit bioluminescent spores that provide light. He used this in order for he and the Guardians to see in the Dark Aster.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Groot's biology is made up entirely of plant-like tissues, granting him highly developed regenerative abilities. He can regrow lost limbs in a few hours. In combat, Groot's advanced regeneration gives him the ability to survive almost any attack. His body can immediately heal sustained damage, which, in combination with his rapid growth, makes him extremely difficult to kill.
  • Rebirth: Should he be destroyed, he can be "reborn" from a tiny twig broken off from his body. After placing him in a pot and watering him regularly, he can rapidly grow himself back.
  • Longevity: Groot's species are capable of living for centuries.
    • *Taken from Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki
      strengths: Groot is loyal, full of love for his friends/family, and strong of will.
      weaknesses: Groot is angry. He’s no longer the big, royal, noble and full grown tree that he was. He is now just a tiny sapling, and while he retains his memories, (and much of his abilities!) and he is growing very quickly, he is not used to being at such a disadvantage. Because of his newfound youth, he sometimes does misinterpret what is being said to him, though he’s getting… Better with that. Maybe.
      equipment: None

      When Ronan the Accuser arrived after Drax drew him out with a transmission, Gamora attempted to escape with the Orb. Her adoptive sister Nebula chased after her with a group of Sakaarans. Quill and Rocket went to aid her, with Rocket telling Groot to stay behind as he was too big to fit in one of the aircraft. Groot revived Drax after he was defeated by Ronan in single combat. Rocket returned and told them that Quill and Gamora had been captured by the Ravagers and that Ronan had the Orb. He berated Drax for putting them in danger, making mocking remarks about the deaths of Drax's wife and daughter, which shocked Groot. Rocket said that he did not care how mean it was, as Drax's thirst for revenge was no excuse for getting them all killed. Rocket urged Groot that they should get to the other side of the universe in case there was the slightest chance Ronan would not find them. Groot insisted that they rescue Quill and Gamora, as they were the only friends they ever had. Drax agreed and Rocket reluctantly gave in.

      The three flew the Milano to the Eclector and threatened to blow it up with the Hadron Enforcer if the Ravagers did not hand over Quill and Gamora, but Quill let them know just in time that they had come to terms with the Ravagers. Quill and Gamora criticized the others for almost blowing them up, leading Groot to call them ungrateful. When Rocket belittled Quill for not having a plan, Groot stuck up for Quill. Quill thanked him and told the others that Groot was the only one of them who had a clue, before Groot began eating a leaf that had sprouted from his shoulder. The Guardians and the Ravagers came up with a battle plan and traveled to Xandar

      Along with the Ravagers and the Nova Corps, the Guardians helped to defend Xandar from Ronan's army. The Guardians infiltrated the Dark Aster and Groot guided them through the darkness by creating bio-luminous spores. He aided Quill and Drax in a battle against Korath the Pursuer and a group of Sakaarans, grabbing several Sakaarans at once with his tendrils and slamming them repeatedly into the walls.

      During the battle with Ronan, the Dark Aster was badly damaged when Rocket crashed the Milano into it and it began to fall out of the sky. Groot sacrificed himself by forming his body into a protective crash sphere to save the other Guardians, allowing them to survive a crash from low orbit, but shattering him in the process. Rocket begged him not to do it, and Groot wiped a tear away from Rocket's face and said "We are Groot". Rocket was devastated by the loss of his friend.

      Rocket retrieved and planted a pre-arranged cutting from his body, which slowly began to grow into a new body, devoid of the memories he had made with his previous one. Having grown a bit bigger, Groot began to dance to "I Want You Back" by The Jackson 5 behind Drax, freezing whenever Drax looked his way.

      [spoiler] A few months later, the Guardians of the Galaxy were hired by the Sovereign to defeat the Abilisk. As they waited, Groot punched a few Orloni's as he believed they were looking at him funny. When the Abilisk landed, Groot plugged in the speaker system, which Rocket Raccoon set up so they could listen to music as they worked, and started dancing while the rest fought the Abilisk. The other Guardians tried to get Groot to get out of the way so he didn't get hurt, but he continued to dance. When Drax landed in front of Groot, he froze like he did previously on the Milano. Groot then also ate a bug which Rocket made him spit out and then he chased another Orlon around until Drax broke the speaker causing Groot to get angry. When the Guardians defeated the Abilisk, Groot threw a rock at Drax who took credit for killing the Abilisk.

      Groot watched out the window of the Milano as the Guardians flew away from Sovereign. Suddenly a fleet of Sovereign approached them as Rocket stole some of their Anulax Batteries. When the battle caused the Milano to crash on Berhert where they met Ego, Peter Quill's father. Groot and Rocket stayed on Bechert with Nebula as the rest went with Ego.

      That night, the Ravagers landed on Berhert to track the Guardians unaware that Rocket had set some traps while Groot stayed in the Milano. Eventually Rocket got apprehended by the Ravagers so Nebula convinced Groot to free her so she could save him but she tricked him causing him and Rocket, along with Yondu Udonta to be taken by the Ravagers.

      Udonta, Rocket and Groot were taken back to the Eclectoror were any Ravager member who sided with Udonta were executed by being released into space. Taserface took control of the Ravagers and beat Yondu up. Wretch asked Taserface if he could kill Groot but Taserface disagreed, saying that Groot was too adorable to kill and ordered Wretch to take him to the tailor, where Groot was given a Ravager's outfit. At a celebration, Wretch was laughing and kicking around Groot, calling out that Groot should be the new Ravagers' mascot while pouring alcohol onto the little tree, abusing him.

      Groot, who had just been terrorized by Wretch, walked by Rocket and Yondu's cell. Yondu told Groot to retrieve his prosthetic fin so that he could use his could use his Yaka Arrow to help them all escape, but after a few humorous failed attempts to understand, including bringing a Orloni, a prosthetic eye, an entire shelf and a severed toe, Groot was helped by Kraglin Obfonteri eventually retrieved Udonta's fin. As the trio broke out Taserface alerted the Ravagers to block their exit. As Yondu slaughtered the mutinous Ravagers Groot spotted Wretch.

      Wretch made a run for it, only to look behind him to see Groot chasing him. Fearing what he might do in revenge for the abuse he suffered earlier, he attempted to escape, only for Groot to attack him with his vines and throw him off the catwalk he was standing on, killing him upon the impact. Groot then jumped back onto Rocket's shoulder as the trio headed to the bridge.

      The trio arrived at the bridge which provided monitors showing every corridor on the ship. Yondu and Rocket used these cameras to aim their weapons and shoot the Ravagers approaching them. Groot rode on Rocket's shoulder, cheering as the trio made their escape.

      The trio met up with Kraglin and boarded the Quadrant, ejecting off the rest of the ship as it exploded due to Yondu setting of an explosion.

      Rocket set a course to Ego, performing over 700 jumps, causing their bodies to temporally disfigure. At Yondu's funeral, the team gathered around Yondu's body with Quill giving a eulogy, Groot sadly remarked on how Yondu nicknamed him "twig" while being comforted by Rocket.

      Later, Groot found Quill listening to his new Zune. Quill noticed Groot standing next to him and gave him a headphone and the two listened to music together as they watched the Ravagers give Yondu a traditional send-off into the next life. [/spoiler] *Taken from Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki

      Hub Information
      landmarks in hub: The Milano
      knowledge level of multiverse: guesswork and common sense
      fandom specific information: He is a talking tree from outer space
      Anchor Character Section
RP Sample
Not my first character.
Groot is a talking tree who only speaks three words: I and Am and Groot. Specifically in that order. But ‘I am Groot.’ can mean so very many different things. It’s not just about the words, but how they’re spoken, the intent behind them, the body language, and the look in his eyes. Groot can be highly expressive, or stoic depending on the situation. While he only speaks the three words, and can have any sort of meaning behind them, there are a few who have learned to understand him; Rocket and Peter being two of them. The other Guardians are call considered family by the arborian Groot, of course, even if they don’t understand him.

[spoiler] Drax and he have a playful sort of rivalry. Gamora is almost a motherly figure for him… Nebula has tricked him. Mantis is nice, but she doesn’t really understand how to deal with him or Rocket, and Groot isn’t entirely certain his raccoon friend likes the bug lady.

Groot has issues with rats (or rat-like creatures) and insects, primarily flying ones. He just doesn’t like them. The rats, he’ll try to defeat in combat (he usually wins, if not always due to his small size) the insects, well he tries to eat them. The Guardians do what they can to stop him.


Groot is a loyal, kind, thoughtful friend. He is happy to make new friends; the quiet, the sweet, the kind, these are people Groot will befriend easily. The rough, the brash, the loud and obnoxious, Groot can and will befriend these people, even if they are not always nice or even goodly, but it often takes more time than the first group of people will. He tends to see the best in people, but he has been through enough that he has learned that some people are just going to be hurtful and cruel, and he does watch out for those sorts of individuals.

Enemies are a bit less common than friends or allies, but there are those that Groot will always consider ‘bad guys’. People like Ronan the Accuser, Thanos, and Ego… The truly, honestly, and thoroughly bad, cruel, or evil.

nicknames: Nyte
age: just a number!
pronouns: she/her
timezone: US Central Time
contact: hipchat, skype, aim, pm
triggers: none really, but if you’re looking to do a cheating plot, please warn me.
mature threading: some, sure, but mostly I FTB
other characters: Steve Rogers, Fizzle Bizzlebop, Kim Woo Bin
about: there’s stuff, and then there’s dogs.
Unknown. Talking Tree. Guardians of the Galaxy. Groot.
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