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Rating: 3-3-3

Word Count: None

Fandoms: All

Canons: Open/Oc's Welcome!

Bans: Howard the Duck,
RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

Main Rule:Don't Be a Dick

OOC min age:18

Christian Verglas

Job: PA/Magician
Ship Status: Single with Complications
Sexual Orientation:Pan-Romantic


Christian Verglas
full name: Christian Verlgas
nicknames/aliases/code name: Toymaster, Chris, Chrissy
canon or oc: OC
anchor character: yes
species: Homo-magi
gender: Male
age: 29
date of birth: 7/4/1988
place of birth: Langley, Georgia
starting location: Gotham City, New Jersey, USA, Earth, DCTVU-1
originating fandom: DC
fandom universe: DCTVU-1 (somewhat different from DCTVU as of mid-season 4 of Arrow)
pronouns: he/him
occupation: Personal Assistant/Magician
languages: English, French, smattering of: Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Italian
playby: Robert Downey, Jr.
height: 5’9
weight: 185
hair color: Brown
eye color: Brown
distinguishing features: None, really.
sexual orientation: Pan-Romanic
family: Parents - Deceased, former foster sister lives in Gotham
relationship status: Single with Complications
powers: Tinkerer:

Christian likes to tinker. He’s pretty good at it, too. Hell, he even made what amounts to a sentient roomba to help him keep his apartment clean. He has all sorts of little machines on the shelves of his apartment. Most of them work, if not always the way he would prefer. He approaches this ‘hobby’ like someone might approach putting together model cars or painting. It’s a hobby, he’s great at it, but thus far it’s not a source of income. Rather, it’s a way he spends his money.

Magical Animation:

What Christian is [i]actually[/i] “good at” (other than his job!) is using magic to animate constructs and items. Mostly, Chris uses his ability to make small little ‘helpers’ - the roomba he made is animated with magic, giving it a ‘life’ of its own. He tends to make more toy-like constructs. They tend to be shorter lived, though his roomba has been around for a while. He talks to it, and considers it a friend. And yes, he is fully aware of what that looks like.

The more energy he puts into the constructs as he makes them, the longer they last. The bigger they are, the more energy they take just to get started. While Christian could use this magic to create rather powerful, if very short lived, weapons, he really hasn’t considered that aspect of it. He sees the art of it, the small little things he can keep going for days or even weeks (the Roomba is special and has become a part of his life now), rather than the ‘one hit wonders’ he [i]could[/i] create if he bent his mind to it.


Christian has been steadily learning more and more magic since meeting Zatanna Zatara, and practicing regularly. Not only can he use his magic to imbue his machines with a life of their own, but he can use his sympathetic magic to do so much more now. Things like healing, and staying sober while drinking alcohol. As creative as Chris is, this leaves his options very, very open.

strengths: Christian is charismatic, he ‘fits in’ socially, able to enter a crowd and blend in rather well. He can talk to people, chatting, even ‘selling’ things, oftentimes ideas. He has a great sense of aesthetics, from clothing to decor to putting together a party. He is very much the social butterfly, quick to smile, an easy “friend” to make, if only on the surface.

He is also incredibly willful. He can, at times, be terribly stubborn, and when he puts his mind to something, well, there’s no changing it. He is who he is, and he doesn’t change for just anyone.

Chris is possessed of incredible creativity and resourcefulness, allowing him to put his magic, machines, and other know-how to unusual but effective uses.


  • Human/Mortal
  • Cannot fight
  • Magic limited by energy
  • Tinkering limited by time, money, & education
  • Limited scope for constructs
  • Very submissive personality
Christian is human, he’s just your average human being, soft, squishy… He doesn’t even know how to physically engage with someone. He is the guy who you have to actually explain not to have his thumb in his fist because he is likely to break it punching that way. He can’t fight, he isn’t particularly athletic, and his magic isn’t something he is all that likely to use well in a confrontation most of the time. He’s capable, but he doesn’t think that way. Someone could conceivably put him on that path, though. Still, while he would most definitely thrust his wallet at a mugger and do his damnedest to run the hell away, he might actually stand up for someone [i]else[/i] being mugged. Some things you just don’t stand for, after all!

His magic is limited by the energy he can and will put into it. Most of his creations are short lived, because, well, it takes a lot of energy and effort to bring them to life. Not that they just fall apart once the magic goes away, he can reanimate them again, they aren’t ‘dead’ they just cease being magical. But the things he does put the effort and energy into (like his Roomba) can stay going almost indefinitely. The problem is that it’s exhausting to put all of your energy into a project like that. It takes more time, more effort, more focus… Thus why most of Christian’s ‘tinkers’ don’t last all that long. A few days for the smaller things, and the larger they are, the more energy they take to even get going, and the shorter amount of time they last. A self driving car is doable, but Chris is going to take a nap afterward, and the car might only make it the one trip. The more he practices, the better he’ll get, but so far he’s only focused on the small, toy-like creations.

Chris’ tinkering is a hobby. He doesn’t have the money or the means to invest into it to create larger or more complex constructs. He doesn’t have the schooling needed to engineer anything cutting edge, but he’s happy with his toys and machines. He tends to spend his money on this hobby, as well as other things that would mark him as a ‘nerd’ to most of society. He likes science fiction, he likes fantasy, and he has a limited income to spend on construction sets and machinery. That leaves him building smaller mechanized ‘robots’ and toys, rather than allowing him to build anything larger.

Where Christian is charismatic and sociable, he is also submissive. His tendency to defensively pick on someone who intimidates him is a preemptive strike, an attempt to dissuade bullying rather than any real bullying or dominance on his part. He was bullied as a child, and never had any real friends; he wouldn’t know what to do with one if he actually made a real one…

equipment: Jonah the Roomba, various magical paraphernalia, other assorted technological items (phone, tablet, etc.)

Christian grew up in foster care. His parents, whom he can only barely remember, died when he was very young. While once their name had carried weight and wealth, that was more than a generation ago; a few socialites who travel in the higher circles would recognize the surname ‘Verglas’ from his grandparents and great-grandparents, but his father was left with little in the way of an inheritance, and Christian was left with nothing to speak of. Some few small family heirlooms, which he hoards carefully. He was passed from home to home as a young boy, and finally became stuck in a home with several other foster ‘siblings’, none of whom were inclined to be kind to a brat with nothing but a fancy name.

While some might have learned to fight, and still others become embittered by the treatment he was forced to live with as a youth, Christian escaped into literature. He read fantasy, and grew into science fiction, loving the stories and the escape from reality they offered. He began to tinker with building sets, graduating into erector sets and other construction sets with motors and such, becoming competent with them. Books and building became his primary hobbies, and this was how he fell into magic as a young man.

Reading the right books can teach you more than you realize you can learn. Chris didn’t set out to learn magic, but he picked it up in his reading, following a string of arcane books that grew more and more instructional, and less and less fiction as he read them, Christian discovered while in college how to work the magic he now wields. He was a loner by then, having learned how to duck his head and keep to himself, but also how to fit in when surrounded by people. It kept the majority of bullies away, and kept him relatively safe. While he didn’t make many, if any, ‘real’ friends, he kept a plethora of acquaintances, people who might seek him out for social visits, who enjoyed his company during parties and get togethers, but who rarely kept in touch in the long term.

Unlike your typical ‘loner’ Christian was always, and remains, quite happy to go out with a group of coworkers or people who are a part of his social circles, spend the night chatting, flirting, drinking, dancing, whatever the group would like to do. He wasn’t unpopular in school, though he did, of course, have a few people he actively avoided, lest they corner him and cause him trouble.

As an adult, Christian moved around freely before settling into a job at Lexcorp a couple of years ago. First he lived in Metropolis, a city that, while beautiful, held little real attachment for him. It was just one more in a long, long list of ‘homes’ that Chris had had. So moving to Central City with his job was of little consequence, and allowed him upward movement (and potentially further promotions in the future!) in the company. It was an easy decision, one that Christian has yet to regret. He has settled into an apartment, and with a fairly open social schedule, he travels without complaint with the job, going where he must, doing what needs to be done, and fulfilling any tasks assigned to him by his superiors with competence and just a bit of flare. His favorite tasks? Purchasing and planning for his superiors. Clothing, decor, parties… He enjoys pulling things together and presenting the outcome (always well thought out and with an eye for both the fashionable as well as the persona of the person he is purchasing or planning for in mind) to whoever it is he is serving.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: Central City: Lexcorp Tower, Safi’s apartment (where Chris is staying), Mamasan’s Korean restaurant, Gotham City: the park, Belle’s apartment in Gotham, the train stations at both locations.
knowledge level of multiverse: has some theoretical knowledge, no practical experience.
fandom specific information: Works at Lexcorp as part of the PA pool, born into his magical prowess (homo magi)
Anchor Character Section
which fandom: DC
which universe: DCTVU-1.
timeline: When is it in your universe? Mid Season 4 of Arrow
where is the Hub portal located: Gotham City Park
If not already established in canon do the following exist?

magic: Hell yes!
aliens: Sure thing!
advanced technology: You know it!
mythical creatures: Yep!
other: Time travel is a thing here, possible, but not common.

what landmark(s) to start with in Hub? Central City: Lexcorp Tower, Safi’s apartment (where Chris is staying), Mamasan’s Korean restaurant, Gotham City: the park, Belle’s apartment in Gotham, the train stations at both locations.
RP Sample
Not my first character! ^_^
Christian could be described in so many ways. He is usually charming, maybe a touch goofy or silly, and often times happy. He is also painfully lonely, and tends to get quiet in groups of people, more blending and mingling than chatting and being himself. In fact, a lot of the time, he plays a role rather than actually just relaxes. He is the person that goes along with what the group wants to do, rarely voices an opinion unless directly asked, and cornered into answering.. He can’t stand to watch someone else suffer, but he’s not a fighter, either. This sometimes tends to land him in some trouble…

Friends: Christian is plenty friendly! He gets along well with most people, partially because to goes along with most plans, and is willing to try anything at least once. But a lot of his relationships with others are surface deep, acquaintances rather than real friends. It’s safer that way. If/when an acquaintance leaves or turns his back on you, it’s a lot easier to deal with than if that person had an actual place in your life and heart… Still, Chris is capable of making friends and caring about people. It just takes time. And patience. And putting up with the fact that he’s just a little bit broken on the inside. ...By the by, his best friend is a magical roomba. Just saying… Just a little bit broken.

Enemies: Enemies? What are those? Who could hate this face? Seriously… Who could hate that face?? Christian doesn’t really have any real enemies. He goes along with things too easily. Even the muggers in Central City probably don’t actually dislike him. He’s agreeable enough, and he doesn’t fight, because… Well, because he can’t fight for shit. And he knows it. So I ask again… Enemies? Yeah, it’s possible someone out there could just dislike him that much, or even hate him, but…

Love: Love is hard. No, I mean, it really is. Is Chris capable of it? Hell yes he is. And when he does finally decide to let someone into his giant, warm, loving heart, he does so entirely. He loves unconditionally. The sort of love that a dog gives you - you can kick him and beat him, but he’ll always come and greet you at the door, tail wagging, those soulful brown eyes looking at you with all the hope and love in the world… It’s tough to get to that place, because first you have to earn his trust, and then, slowly, he might start to let you in… Once he’s pretty sure you’re not going to just leave him… Time, and patience. A whole lot of both.

nicknames: Nyte
age: Is only a number
pronouns: eh, ‘you’ or ‘hey you’ works
timezone: US Central Time
contact: PM, Hipchat, Skype
triggers: not really, prefer warning about cheating
mature threading: Usually FTB, discuss with each thread partner if need be
other characters: Steve Rogers (MCU), Kim Woo Bin (Goblin), Fizzle Bizzlebop (D&D Forgotten Realms), Groot (MCU)
about: I like seals and legos, David Tennant is my Doctor, and I have just a bit of a thing for RDJ. My ships are my ships, you don’t have to like it, but I won’t sink yours if you don’t sink mine.
age. occupation. group. playby.
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