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Rating: 3-3-3

Word Count: None

Fandoms: All

Canons: Open/Oc's Welcome!

Bans: Howard the Duck,
RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

Main Rule:Don't Be a Dick

OOC min age:18

616 Tony Stark

Job: Director of SHIELD
Ship Status: Open to shipping
Sexual Orientation:Sure, with just about anyone (but I don't want to write it explicitly)

Sure, with just about anyone (but I don't want to write it explicitly)

Jasmine (starkly-tony)
Tony Stark
full name: Anthony Edward Stark
nicknames/aliases/code name: Tony, Iron Man, Shellhead (well, not so much anymore)
canon or oc: Canon
anchor character: No
species: Human
gender: Male
age: 35
date of birth: Uh…hard to explain
place of birth: Bulgaria, apparently
starting location: Marvel 616 universe
originating fandom: Marvel
fandom universe: Marvel 616
pronouns: He/his
occupation: Director of SHIELD/Avenger/CEO of Stark Enterprises
languages: English
playby: David Gandy
height: 6’1’’
weight: 225 lb
hair color: Black
eye color: Blue
distinguishing features: World’s best facial hair
sexual orientation: Flexible
family: Not really. Does Rhodey count?
relationship status: No time for that
powers: Extremis. Tony is essentially a technopath—he can interface with almost any kind of modern technology. It also gives him enhanced healing abilities and a more physical stamina than a typical human.
strengths: Genius, obscene amounts of wealth, good looks.
weaknesses: Alcohol. Guilt. Self-hatred.
equipment: Iron Man suit. Currently controlled via Extremis.
As far as he knows Tony was born to Howard and Maria Stark. Grew up in the lap of luxury, which was slightly less than perfect in the fact that Howard was a nasty alcoholic who thought he was too “sensitive.” Boarding school, nothing interesting there, started drinking at 15 when no one would come to his birthday party otherwise. Fast forward to his parents dying in a car crash. Tony inherited the company and spent a few years growing it, until that fateful trip to Afghanistan that you’ve all heard about. As Iron Man, he tried to do some good, helped found the Avengers, pulled a guy in a star-spangled suit out of the ice, rebuilt the company several times, and generally made history. Almost literally drank himself to death, but got better. Things went pretty well for a while, well, relatively speaking (if you don’t count several near-world ending crises, faking my own death, the breakup and re-formation of the Avengers, etc.). Then the SHRA came along and Tony tried to do the right thing but ended up with a Pyrrhic victory, to say the least. He accepted a position as Director of SHIELD, despite hating everything about it, and now he’s taking a portal to the Hub.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: No
knowledge level of multiverse: Aware of multiverse, but not everything in it
fandom specific information: No?
Anchor Character Section
which fandom: Marvel
which universe: 616
timeline: When is it in your universe? Post-Civil War, during the Director of Shield Run. (I know there is already a Marvel 616 here but am I an anchor for this point in the timeline?)
where is the Hub portal located: Stark Tower
If not already established in canon do the following exist?

magic: Yes (but I hate it)
aliens: Yes
advanced technology: Yes
mythical creatures: Possibly
other: N/A

what landmark(s) to start with in Hub? Stark Tower
RP Sample
Tony sat hunched over the display on his desk, his eyes itching with tiredness as he pulled another stack of papers toward him. Paperwork, of all things, on physical paper, because as hard as he was working worked to rectify the fact, SHIELD remained mired in the last millennium. Documents to sign, reports to check over, a dozen other kinds of tedious nonsense that he could have disposed of in a nanosecond if any of it had been digitized.

His head ached, a steady pulse behind his right eye. He didn’t think much of it—whether it was stress or too much use of Extremis or sleeping about one night out of every three—it had been a frequent companion of his over the long months since… since. Still, it sapped his concentration, and the small print was swimming in front of his eyes as it was.

He finally signed off on a stack of reports and shoved them away, dropping his forehead into his hand running his hand through his hair. He wondered vaguely if it might be worth trying to get an a few hours’ sleep before the strategy meeting with Hill and Dugan some sadist (probably Hill) had scheduled for 0700. On the one hand, he was probably running up on the amount of coffee it was possible to consume without destroying your stomach lining, Extremis-enhanced healing or not. On the other hand, the things he was seeing while he was awake were bad enough. The things he saw when he closed his eyes were enough to make him never want to sleep again. It was much better to stay busy.

He lifted his head, resolving to finish the paperwork, then to make whatever changes were necessary to ensure that nothing at SHIELD ever got printed out and sent to him again. Then he blinked. Hovering in the middle of his office was what looked like a portal.

Weird. He massaged his forehead, and blinked again, slowly. The portal was still there when he opened his eyes, which probably—probably—meant it was real.

He stood up called the armor to himself, closing his eyes as it folded around him in a comforting cocoon. Whatever the portal was, it most likely wasn’t good, which meant it Tony’s job to find out what was going on and do something about it. He smiles grimly in his mask as he stepped toward it. It really wasn’t like he’d wanted to go to that strategy meeting anyway.

616 Tony Stark from after the Civil War. He hasn’t been mind-wiped yet and as far as he knows Steve is dead.
Friends: Tony forges pretty deep friendships with a small number of people. Once you’re in his circle, he’s extremely loyal and would sacrifice anything for you. He also has a lot of acquaintances, some of which he likes better than others. Currently he is low on friends, as many of his close ones recently ended up fighting him and/or dead.

Romantic relationships: Not a lot of luck. Tony sleeps around but hasn’t had a real relationship in years. May or may not have spent a long time pining after a certain Captain.

nicknames: Uhh… I think I’m in the chat as Starkly, my real name is Jasmine, and I answer to pretty much anything
age: 27
pronouns: She/her
timezone: Eastern Standard Time
contact: I will figure out this Hipchat thing, also tumblr (starkly-tony)
triggers: None
mature threading: No sex. Other shippy stuff is fine. I’ll let you know if anything goes further than I’m comfortable with.
other characters: Nope
about: Just a nerd who likes pretending to be other people on occasion
age. occupation. group. playby.
thanks♥︎ [/dohtml]
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