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Rating: 3-3-3

Word Count: None

Fandoms: All

Canons: Open/Oc's Welcome!

Bans: Howard the Duck,
RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

Main Rule:Don't Be a Dick

OOC min age:18

Star Trek-AOS

Job: Orion Slave
Ship Status: In a ship! (Kala? Naalth? idk)
Sexual Orientation:Straight


full name: Nala
nicknames/aliases/code name: Nala
canon or oc: Oc
anchor character: No
species: Orion
gender: Female
age: 27
date of birth: here 2234
place of birth: here
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Star Trek
fandom universe: AOS
pronouns: She/her
occupation: Orion Slave Girl
languages: Orion, Romulan, Axanar, Bajoran, Cardassian, Klingon, Risan, Trill, Vulcan, Denobulan, and English.
playby: Karen Gillan
height: 5'10
weight: 140 lbs
hair color: Red
eye color: Brown
distinguishing features: Green Skin
sexual orientation: Straight
family: Jaya, others back in the originating universe (Father, Uncle, Aunt, Two brothers)
relationship status: Single.
powers: As a female Orion, particularly one who has done covert missions, Nala has impeccable control over her pheromones- pheromones that generally increase adrenaline to the point of extreme aggression and delusion in most male humanoids. It has been said that young Klingon males could be killed simply by the rush of hormones- making an Orion woman not just beautiful but deadly.
strengths: Nala is incredibly observant- it being a key talent in covert missions, as well as to learn how best to influence a target.
Due to the nature of her profession, Nala is also combat trained- including the ability to improvise weaponry. With her flexibility and speed, she is a match for the average Orion male in combat prowess.
So flexible. Can provide supporting references.
weaknesses: An awareness of her pheromones, or a strong mental discipline can aid in resisting the effects of her abilities.
equipment: Chain Bikini
Nala was young when her mother died- young enough that the places the woman existed in her daughter's memories became a bit of a hole. What was left was little more than an outline of who she had been- and Nala was the oldest of her family. Her brothers simply couldn't remember their mother.

It only brought them closer together with their cousins- for want of a female role model that Nala was too young to be, they spent any time available with their aunt. They hung on her tales of missions- the boys being so impressed, and Nala being both impressed, excited and terrified. She knew one day she would have stories so wonderful to tell- but she also knew it was on jobs likes these that they had lost their mother.

She trained like no other to follow in her mother's career- it was the only connection to her mother that she got to keep to herself. Only she would succeed her mother- no one else. Nala was determined to do her due diligence and make her family proud. So she found it bloody annoying when her cousin seemed to excel at everything she tried. Jaya was talented- considering how close Nala was with her, Nala found this both exciting and infuriating. On the one hand her cousin was set for an impressive career and would bring fortune to their family- on the other hand, Jaya was also set to outshine Nala.

That was something Nala couldn't sit idly by for- the moment she was old enough to go on a mission she aimed for the most ambitious she could. She succeeded time and time again- and her short visits home told her that Jaya did the same. Nala and her cousin swiped each other's prime missions over and over again- poor form, but the two of them did it in good humour- and neither of them let it mean anything. It certainly didn't mean anything to Nala when she took a beautiful, difficult mission which would hopefully have a windfall of a payday.

Nala couldn't have done it better- except in not taking it as she discovered to her great dismay when she returned home to find that her cousin had gone the way of Nala's mother. The only daughter was devastated at the loss of the woman who had been so close that Nala considered her to be a sister- if she hadn't taken Jaya's mission out of stupid jealousy then Jaya would have been fine. She would have come home- like she should have- like she was supposed to. Nala returned to her family- where they were allowed to remain in mourning for three months before she and her other female cousins were sent back out on mission.

She wondered if her aunt went through the same thing when Nala's mother had been lost on a mission. At least with Nala's mother, there had been a body to recover, cremate, and to put to rest. With Jaya, Nala knew she would be forever left with the mark on her conscience that she had inadvertently caused the disappearance of a beloved family member.

Nala... Nala figured this meant she didn't deserve happiness. It meant that when her father started trying to set up meetings for potential husbands, Nala chose to search for another mission instead. Putting aside how difficult it must have been for her father to set up those meetings as a man- Nala simply figured that her brothers' marriages would have to be enough. Her mission ran long and she ended up returning about a week later.

And then Jaya returned from the dead- and dragged Nala off to an entirely different universe without much of an explanation. Yet again she was torn about her feelings regarding her cousin- on the one hand she was overjoyed about her cousin being alive, and on the other hand her cousin was now her boss????

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: Nope!
knowledge level of multiverse: full because of Jaya. Knew of the theory before then.
fandom specific information: Idk, space travel?
RP Sample
Nala is hard working, competitive- and sincere. She spends so much time trying to better herself that she firmly supports others doing the same- even though if they encroach on her 'territory' she might get a little more aggressive. Even then what will likely happen is that she will work even harder on herself to remain 'better.' In part due to these thoughts, Nala has a very healthy self esteem that allows most things to slide off her- the worst damage that can be done is the opinions she holds of herself.

She is (pun not intended) a little jaded from her many missions over the years, and is unlikely to take gifts or things at face value. She's also the most likely person in the room to know what the best escape route is or the best way to take someone down.

Lovers: See: Kaalth. (Future tense)
Otherwise she is an employee of the Green Goddess, and is no foreigner to the 'private rooms' but is unlikely to seek anything of a romantic nature with a non-Orion. While she has gotten past her distaste for humans (or remarkably similar species) that extends only to coupling and she has absolutely no desire for entanglements in more emotionally intimate natures.

Friends: Nala can see the point in friends, but she's also used to them being a sort of long distance or transient thing. Either they are friends from her home world- or she bonds with them while on a job, in which case she likely upsets them and they never speak again. This doesn't mean she isn't inclined to building friendships- but as many Orions do, she keeps the bottom line in mind while doing so. Her ideal friendship is someone who challenges her to better- or at the least works hard on becoming better themselves. Also- Low maintenance. Very good to be low maintenance.

Enemies: She is unafraid to offend- though if she considers you a job she will avoid doing so- though in that case you are more than likely to feel used when she is done with you.

Others: Orion pheromones can be addictive- and of course can frustrate many. Hit me up with suggestions!

nicknames: Moon. Moonbeam. Alex. Idk. My parents called me Pumpkin (and they wonder why I adore pumpkin pie. Pfft)
age: 22
pronouns: they/them though notorious for forgetting my own pronouns.
timezone: (b)est
contact: Skype, hipchat, discord. But mainly discord.
triggers: horror stories without satisfactory completions, gory avatars.
mature threading: Sure.
other characters: Castiel, Kailani Mahelona, Quethadia Nyx, Sombra.
about: writing with me is a choice you'll probably regret.
27. Orion Slave Girl. Star Trek. playby.
thanks♥︎ [/dohtml]
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