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Rating: 3-3-3

Word Count: None

Fandoms: All

Canons: Open/Oc's Welcome!

Bans: Howard the Duck,
RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

Main Rule:Don't Be a Dick

OOC min age:18

Sheev Palpatine
Star Wars-Movies

Job: Sith Lord/Politician/Emperor
Ship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation:Heterosexual


Sheev Palpatine
full name: Sheev Palpatine
nicknames/aliases/code name: Darth Sidious, The Emperor, etc
canon or oc: Canon
anchor character: Yes
species: Human (Star Wars)
gender: Male
age: 88
date of birth: 3193 LY (Lothal Calender)/84 BBY (Before Battle of Yavin)
place of birth: Naboo
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Star Wars
fandom universe: Star Wars Movies
pronouns: He, him, his
occupation: Dark Lord of the Sith/Galactic Emperor
languages: Most Star Wars languages, English and other Earth-born languages
playby: Ian McDiarmid
height: 1.73 meters/5'6"
weight: 75 kg/165lbs
hair color: Bald
eye color: Sith Yellow, slight orange shading
distinguishing features: Disfigured, decrepit look due to the backlash of his Force Lightning, black hood and robe, hunched over stance.
sexual orientation: Heterosexual
family: N/A
relationship status: Single
powers: The Force: Being an extremely powerful Force Sensitive, Darth Sidious is extremely proficient with knowledge of the Force, granting him a variety of powers in connection to it that ultimately makes him a virtually unparalleled match in terms of pure Force Manipulation. Combined with being the Dark Lord of the Sith, his knowledge of the Dark Side is second to none.

Force Lightning: One of his many applications of the Force is through the use of Force Lightning. Merely by pointing his fingers at a person and willing the Force to obey his command, he can fire extremely fast bolts of lightning at them that inflicts torturous, significant harm. This can penetrate through even the toughest of armor sizzling and cooking people and leaving them with hideous burns that actually have trails of smoke coming off of them. However, with the right tools or ability, it is possible to block, and even deflect the Force Lightning, right back at him.

Force Push/Pull: One of the most basic aspects of the Force Sidious makes frequent use of, is the Force Push and Pull abilities, which work very significantly similar to telekinesis. With flicks of his hand, he can levitate objects and people, push them away, pull them to him across vast distances, and even press someone up against something and hold them there. Since the Force doesn't distinguish between the size of objects, the weight or size of an object makes no difference to him.

Force Speed/Jump: Another simple application of the Force that Sidious can use is using the Force to increase his physical abilities, such as allowing him to leap vast distances, similar to how the Hulk can leap vast distances due to his incredible strength, or even increase his movement speed to levels faster than the average human eye can move. This can even make this seemingly frail and fragile old man perform all kinds of flips, twists, spins, and other acrobatic moves that defy his appearance.

Force Deflection/Absorption: A very advanced Force Technique the Emperor knows is an ability to form a protective, albeit invisible, barrier over himself that will shield him from things like projectiles and lazer fire, bladed and projectile weapons, even lightsabers. He can also use this as a way of absorbing the powerful energy behind attacks to prevent himself from being harmed. This isn't fool-proof, however, so he is always careful to not get too confident in it's usage.

Force Choke: Another darker aspect of his abilities, is his ability to constrict his opponent's airways by clenching his hand tightly. The Force Choke can allow him to knock a person out or outright kill them with suffocation, snap their neck and kill them that way, or even lift them up with a use of the Force Push/Pull Technique. He has even been shown to be able to do this to others from hundreds of light years away to his subordinates over a holo-transmission.

Mind Reading: The Emperor is capable of reading the thoughts and feelings of others, granting him a lot of access to how he can speak to a person and better understand how to approach a conversation. However, someone with enough mental discipline can block him out of their minds so he can't read them. The required ability to do is very rare, though, since he can sense the thoughts and feelings of even significantly powerful Force Adepts like Darth Vader and his son Luke.

Telepathic Communication: To go with his Mind Reading, The Emperor is capable of sending messages to people he knows over vast distances, even if they are in another solar system entirely. However, this is only for simple commands, since he still requires hologram communication devices to have more complex, full conversations with people.

Mind Trick: Another simple application of the Force is via the basic Force Technique, the Mind Trick. With a simple wave of his hand, the Emperor can make a person obey his commands. However, there is a limit to this technique in that it only works on those who are weak-minded. If someone has good mental power, it is possible to resist this.

Thought/Emotion Shielding: The Emperor is capable of forming a shield over himself that allows him to hide his emotions and thoughts from other people, and he is so adept at this that he was able to hide his true evil nature from even the strongest of Jedi even when they were right in front of him.

Force Vision: The Emperor is capable of seeing possible visions of the future through the Force, granting him foresight into possible events. However, the future is always in motion, so there is a chance that it might not happen, but he tends to go to great care to ensure it doesn't happen. He also has access to Shatterpoint, which is a more advanced version that allows him to predict major events well before they happen.

Sith Magic: A more magical art of the Dark Side of the Force, the Emperor is capable of performing various feats of magic via the use of chanting in either the Balch, or ancient Sith, languages. This allows him access to abilities such as firing blasts of dark side energy at his enemies, inflicting mental and physical torture via spells on top of mind control, memory erasing/altering, illusions and hallucinations, among a plethora of other abilities that truly make him a formidable foe.

strengths: Master of Unarmed Combat: Palpatine is not without his tricks, and is always willing to cover all bases. Despite his seemingly frail nature, he is perfectly capable of performing various kinds of Star Wars-based Martial Arts, even using Lightsaber Forms while unnarmed in the event all other options are exhausted.

Swordsmanship: Although an avid hater of swordsmanship and lightsabers, Palpatine is a skilled swordsman with very few people being able to match him. Yoda to date is the only one to be on his level, with Mace Windu being the only one to overpower him in a straight up saber fight. He is even skilled in using two lightsabers at once.

Excellent Acting Skills: With his ability to hide his true nature, Palpatine is capable of coming off as a kind, charismatic man that all politicians aspire to be like. Combined with his ability to mask his true nature to those that could sense his true intentions, this allows him to slip under the radar of people's suspicion.

Skilled Manipulator: Knowing full-well the Mind Trick isn't full-proof, Palpatine has immense skill in being a manipulator. Combined with his ability to read minds, he is capable of knowing exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to say it in order to get the results he wants. Due to him also being a skilled actor, he is usually able to get people to do what he wants while making them think he is wanting their best interest at heart.

Political Savvy: Palpatine has many decades of experience as a politician, first rising up as the Senator of Naboo, then becoming Supreme Chanceler of the Galactic Senate, and even becoming Emperor. As such, he knows how to work a crowd and say the right things to win people over.

weaknesses: Arrogance: Palpatine is overly confident in his own abilities, he is always under the impression that no matter what happens when it comes to any event involving him, it is all part of the plan. On top of that, he is always prone to underestimating his enemies, and doesn't take them seriously most of the time.

Xenophobe: Palpatine is a huge bigot when it comes to any race that isn't Human. When he was Emperor, he made sure aliens were kept out of important political and military positions, making sure only Humans held all the power.

Sexist: On top of being a Xenophobe, Palpatine views women as utterly inferior to men. Although not upfront about it, he views them as beneath that of his own gender, and makes sure to keep them out of important positions, unless they have significant power and he can mold them into being loyal to him like he did with Mara Jade.

Backstabber: Palpatine has no issue whatsoever with tossing away perfectly useful henchmen and apprentices if they serve an overall greater purpose from him doing so. He cares about no one except himself, and is perfectly at home with ruining lives and betraying others if they are no longer useful to him or he is trading up for someone better.

Paranoia: Due to Palpatine's general views, attitude, and backstabbing nature, he is naturally distrustful of everyone around him, no matter how loyal someone is to him, and is always on the lookout for betrayal. Thus, it is likely that someone can exploit this to keep him off-balance if one weaves a web of a massive web of betrayal going on around him.

equipment: Twin Red Lightsabers: Although he doesn't use them much, the Emperor always has two lightsabers for him to pull out if the usage of his Force powers fail him at any given time.

A human male, Sheev Palpatine was born to a very influential family on the Mid Rim world of Naboo some 84 years prior to the Battle of Yavin.[3] As far as anyone knew, Palpatine had no family of which to speak.[13] At some point, during his youth, he met Darth Plagueis, a Dark Lord of the Sith, who took him as an apprentice with the name of Darth Sidious. As Sidious, he learned all his Master knew about the dark side of the Force, and all the Sith of Darth Bane's lineage had learned about the Force. He was also made aware of Plagueis's discovery of the secret to eternal life: his Master had learned to manipulate the midi-chlorians, and prevent people from dying. Plagueis's obsession with extending his own life eventually passed to Sidious, but he later admitted that he had never been able to learn his Master's secrets. In his public persona as Sheev Palpatine, he embarked on a career in politics and eventually, with the aid of his Master, ended up representing his homeworld in the Galactic Senate. With his rise to power guaranteed and his Master's instruction complete, Sidious killed Plagueis in his sleep, betraying him just as Sith apprentices in the past had always done with their Masters once their training was completed.

Once elected as Senator for Naboo, he quickly joined Chancellor Kalpana's ruling party, and noticed the fervent bickering and corruption that mired the Galactic Republic. He began to establish relations with those who'd become his future collaborators, such as Wilhuff Tarkin. The duo met for the first time when Tarkin was still a cadet of the Sullust Sector Spacefarers Academy. Taking an interest in the younger man, Senator Palpatine resolved to help him to join the Judicial Department, according to Tarkin's desire, but advised him to also consider a political career. In the following years, their relationship became more and more confidential. Palpatine often lauded Tarkin for his talents and skills and remarked they were very similar: they both came from planets at the edge of the galaxy, but destined to have great repercussions on the galactic history. Tarkin eventually became one of the few people who called Palpatine by his first name.

Keeping his Sith identity a secret from the public eye, Sidious took it upon himself to execute the Sith's long-percolating plan to supplant the Republic with a new Sith Empire, and destroy the Jedi Order. Seeking a Sith apprentice, Sidious traveled to the planet Dathomir and met with the Dathomirian Nightsister Mother Talzin. Intermingling his knowledge of the dark side of the Force with Talzin's knowledge of Nightsister magicks, Sidious promised to make Talzin his apprentice and right hand. However, Sidious betrayed Talzin and kidnapped her infant son, the Zabrak Nightbrother who would become his true Sith apprentice, Darth Maul. Sidious brutally trained Maul to be a weapon of the Sith, viewing Maul's prowess and combat abilities as an invaluable asset to his master plan.

As Sidious furthered Maul's training, he came into contact with Jedi Master Dooku, one of the most respected and powerful Jedi of the Order. A political thinker as well as a Jedi, he had grown increasingly disgusted with the corruption found within the Republic. Gradually, Sidious managed to lure Dooku to the dark side, and used him to further his own agenda.

Palpatine moved to seize power from Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum, who had virtually no political power and counted Palpatine as a close friend and ally, allowing for Palpatine to easily manipulate him. Through holographic communication, Palpatine conspired with Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray to blockade the planet Naboo in protest of the Senate's taxation of trade routes in outlying star systems. Driven to desperation by the inactivity of the Senate, Valorum secretly dispatched two Jedi Knights—Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi—as ambassadors to negotiate with the Federation's Neimoidian leaders.

Upon learning of the ambassadors' identities, Sidious ordered the immediate invasion of Naboo and execution of the two Jedi; when Gunray questioned the legality of such an action, Sidious simply stated that he would make it legal. The Neimoidians acted accordingly, but the Jedi survived the assassination attempt and escaped the Federation ship. After Palpatine terminated his communication with Gunray, Queen Padmé Amidala contacted him concerning the Federation's denial that the Chancellor had sent ambassadors to speak with them as promised. Palpatine feigned concern at this supposed revelation, but was cut off mid-sentence by the Trade Federation's communication blackout, notifying the Naboo to their invasion.

The Federation's droid army proceeded with their assault. Within a day, the army occupied the planet's capital city of Theed and its surrounding regions. Additionally, Amidala and her retinue were captured and presented with a treaty that would bring an air of legitimacy to their invasion. However, the Jedi arrived to rescue them, and they successfully evaded the blockade aboard the queen's starship.

When Gunray informed Sidious of Amidala's failure to sign the treaty, the livid Sith Lord introduced them to Darth Maul, whom he dispatched to find and recapture Amidala. Due to Amidala's ship sustaining damage in the escape, the queen opted to land on Tatooine, an obscure desert world in the Outer Rim Territories, to repair the ship. Maul managed to ascertain the queen's location, and assured his master that his search on the sparsely populated world would be a short one. Sidious told him to move against the Jedi first, and then take the queen once they were dead. Maul left for Tatooine, but he failed to kill the Jedi or retrieve Amidala.

Despite these setbacks, Palpatine was able to convene with Amidala on Coruscant, where she intended to plead her case to Chancellor Valorum before the Galactic Senate. Bringing Amidala to his apartment for an audience, Palpatine told the queen that the senate was long past caring about the common good, while Valorum was essentially powerless against them. With both the Senate and Valorum closed off to her as options, Palpatine offered her two choices: she could move for a Vote of No Confidence in Chancellor Valorum, and push for the election of a more effective leader; or she could take the matter to the courts, which would take even longer. Desiring more immediate action to save her people, Amidala opted for the former.

During the awaited Senate session, Federation representative Lott Dod fervently objected to Palpatine and Amidala's statements, and moved for a committee to investigate their "accusations", while Vice Chair Mas Amedda kept Valorum shackled by procedure, forcing him to concede that the Federation was within their rights. Outraged, Amidala pushed for the Vote of No Confidence. Within moments, hundreds of Senators were arguing over Amidala's decision, leaving Valorum thunderstruck.

The sudden power vacuum led to Palpatine's nomination as Supreme Chancellor alongside Bail Antilles of Alderaan and Ainlee Teem of Malastare. When he announced his nomination to Amidala, however, the queen declared her intention to return to Naboo and reclaim it from the Trade Federation by whatever means she could. Palpatine made a show of concern and tried halfheartedly to convince her to stay on Coruscant. She left anyway, taking both Jinn and Kenobi with her for protection.

Sidious contacted the Neimoidians on Naboo, instructing them to kill Amidala upon arrival, and sent Maul to accompany them with orders to make certain the Neimoidians killed the queen, and that the Jedi fell by his own hand. Even while he managed the election on Coruscant, he made time to go over the Neimoidians' progress. Against his expectations, he learned that Amidala not only managed to escape Gunray's reach, but also forged an alliance with the Gungans and assembled an army in the planet swamp in preparation for a strike against the Federation occupation force. He doubted she would last even five minutes in such a contest, and gave his approval to Gunray's plan to meet the Gungans head-on.

Ultimately, Palpatine won the election for Supreme Chancellor. However, the Federation army was defeated, Gunray was captured by Amidala's forces, and Maul met his presumed death at the hands of the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi, though not before striking down Qui-Gon Jinn, whose funeral Palpatine would later attend. Palpatine also learned that the Naboo owed their victory to the unexpected intervention of Anakin Skywalker, a young, freed slave from Tatooine who was highly attuned to the Force, fueling the belief that he was the Chosen One of Jedi prophecy who would bring balance to the Force. After much debate, the Jedi Council decided that Skywalker would be apprenticed to Kenobi as a Jedi. Palpatine personally congratulated the two Jedi during the celebration on Naboo, telling young Skywalker that his career would be watched with "great interest".

Over the next ten years, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine amassed a favorable reputation as a mild-mannered servant of the common good, and the public remained oblivious to his true, insidious persona. As Anakin Skywalker grew older, his relationship with Palpatine deepened; on many occasions, Palpatine lauded Skywalker as the most gifted Jedi he had ever encountered, one who would surpass even Yoda, the Grand Master of the Jedi Council. Skywalker, who grew increasingly frustrated with the strict lifestyle of the Jedi under his master Kenobi's guidance, admired Palpatine's praise and greatly took to his counsel. In truth, this was all part of Sidious' plan to gain Skywalker's trust and groom him into his new Sith apprentice.

With Maul's defeat, Sidious found himself in need of a new apprentice, and so he turned to Dooku to fill that role. Dooku left the Jedi Order, reclaiming his wealth and title as the Count of Serenno. With the turn of Dooku—anointed Darth Tyranus—the Sith orchestrated the death of Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas and took over his clientele for the commission of a clone army produced on Kamino; the event was subsequently covered up when Dooku erased all records of Kamino from the Jedi Archives. Subsequently, bounty hunter Jango Fett was hired as the clones' genetic template, and the clones were fitted with a bio-chip containing a protocol that would ensure their total obedience to Sidious when the time came for it.

In 30 BBY, Palpatine and his Adviser Yupe Tashu traveled to the barren Inner Rim planet of Jakku, which lay at the edge of the Unknown Regions. After landing his yacht Imperialis in the Plaintive Hand plateau, Tashu ordered a detachment of six droids to begin excavating. The yacht soon left offworld but a local twelve-year old boy named Galli sneaked aboard the Imperialis. Palpatine sensed his presence and gave the boy the choice of dying or serving him. Palpatine then instructed Galli to return to the excavation site and guard it from any intruders. He stressed that intruders should not be allowed to taint the site and ordered Galli to kill them. Palpatine then introduced himself on a first-name basis as Sheev.

For the next ten years, Galli guarded the Plaintive Hand excavation site. In 20 BBY, Palpatine returned and invited the boy aboard the Imperialis this time as a guest of honor. By that stage, work on the Jakku Observatory had been completed. Using a game of Shah-tezh as an illustration, Palpatine explained that his future Galactic Empire could not be allowed to outlive its Emperor should he die prematurely. To demonstrate his seriousness, Palpatine Force choked Galli. He tasked Galli with executing his secret Contingency plan and inducted the boy into Imperial service. Galli subsequently joined the Naval Intelligence Agency as a Commander and adopted the name Gallius Rax.

As Anakin Skywalker grew older, the relationship between Palpatine and the young Jedi greatly deepened. On many occasions the Chancellor attended the boy's training at the Jedi Temple expressing appreciation for the progress reached by the young Padawan in lightsaber combat. He could notice that he was deeply conditioned by his emotions and he asked Master Mace Windu to send Skywalker to him, saying he could help with the boy's formation. When Skywalker arrived, accompanied by his Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, Palpatine asked to be accompanied for an errand in the lower levels of Coruscant. Master Kenobi reminded him that Anakin was not yet a Jedi and that they could face dangerous situations, but Palpatine seemed not too worried about it. So, disguised as travelers, the duo reached the Level 2685 a place in which Palpatine, according to what he said to Anakin, often went when his duties permitted it, to try to do some good. Eventually they came to the Club Kasakar.

There, Palpatine expressed some form of envy in the life of young Jedi Padawans, that was already decided from an early age, in difference with his political life, one of troubling choices and difficult decisions. He also explained that the Club was full of Senators. In particular, he pointed out Senator Colandrus, a Tarsunt who often went there for gambling. While the Tarsunt senator was betting at a game table, Palpatine said that Colandrus was corrupt, but there were no proofs of it. Inspired by that unflattering description Anakin used the telekinetic Jedi power to rig Colandrus' last dice, making him lose large sums of money. Hearing the disguised Palpatine laugh at his misfortune, Colandrus sicced his bodyguard on him, but the Chancellor defused the situation by explaining that "his son" had just made a joke, and promised that they would leave at once. Still unconvinced, Colandrus nevertheless allowed the cloaked nuisances to go freely.

Once the duo returned back to the Chancellor's office, Palpatine "apologized" to Anakin for involving him in a Senate matter. Anakin said the Jedi could arrest Senator Colandrus, but Palpatine replied that the Jedi weren't required to obey him because if they did, he would be like a dictator and that wasn't his wish. He also told the boy not to talk about what had happened to them with his masters and further asked if Anakin was happy in the temple. When the Padawan answered positively, Palpatine felt the truth of it through the Force. Eventually, Palpatine thanked him for his decisive role in the Battle of Naboo, and said there would always be a place for Anakin near him, and that he could make extraordinary use of a young man like Anakin.

Under Sidious' direction, Dooku rallied several thousand solar systems into declaring independence from the Galactic Republic, forming the Confederacy of Independent Systems with himself as its leader. Many commercial organizations—including the Trade Federation—pledged their droid military forces to this Confederacy. With civil war imminent and the Jedi's numbers too few to maintain galactic peace, the Senate pushed for a vote to create a Grand Army of the Republic.

Upon arriving in Coruscant to vote on the matter, Palpatine's successor as Senator of Naboo, former Queen Padmé Amidala, narrowly avoided an assassination attempt carried out by Zam Wesell on behalf of the vengeful Nute Gunray. Palpatine had the vote delayed and placed the senator under the protection of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, her old allies from the Battle of Naboo. After a second attempt on the senator's life was made, Skywalker was assigned to protect her back on her homeworld of Naboo. There the two secretly started to fall in love which, coupled with Skywalker's later discovery of his mother Shmi's death at the hands of Tusken Raiders on the planet Tatooine, would bring the young Jedi ever closer to the dark side of the force, and even more vulnerable to Sidious' deceptive machinations.

However, when it was revealed that the Separatists were secretly building a battle droid army, Palpatine used the situation to have himself granted emergency powers from the Senate by Representative Jar Jar Binks. Palpatine feigned reluctance to accept this authority, promising to return it to the Senate once the crisis ended. His first act was to allow the use of the clone army, which was discovered by Kenobi on Kamino, to counter the Separatist threat; this resulted in the Battle of Geonosis, which served as the opening salvo of the Clone Wars.

After clone template Jango Fett was killed and the Separatist partners escaped the battle, Dooku met with Sidious with not only good news that the war the Sith had been orchestrating had begun, but with plans for a Geonosian superweapon that may be of use for their future Sith-led regime. Sidious was pleased with these turn of events, and later with the leaders of the Senate oversaw the new Republic army marching towards war, while Skywalker and Amidala secretly wed on Naboo with their two droids C-3PO and R2-D2 as witnesses, which Sidious would later use as an advantage to lure Skywalker to become his next apprentice.

During the Senate hostage crisis, Cad Bane demanded Ziro the Hutt be released from prison in exchange for the hostages' release. Palpatine reluctantly complied after Skywalker was subdued by Bane's gang.

The following year, while the Senate was considering deregulating the banks to increase funding for the war. Palpatine was soon informed by Amidala that the Separatist Senate, led by Mina Bonteri, was considering peace negotiations. Dooku had the central power distribution grid bombed, and then staged another attack on the Confederacy, which killed Bonteri and was blamed on the Republic, dashing any hope of peace. A bill for more clone troopers was soon passed: Palpatine told a disappointed Amidala that with more troops, perhaps the war would end more quickly.

Nineteen years before the Battle of Yavin, General Grievous invaded Coruscant to help Sidious stage the kidnapping of his alter ego. Chancellor Palpatine was then rescued by Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, with the Chancellor convincing Skywalker to kill Count Dooku after Kenobi was knocked out during the fight.

Palpatine, in the meantime, began preparing for the war's end. Skywalker, who had just been hailed as a hero for killing Count Dooku and rescuing the Chancellor, began having visions of his wife dying in childbirth. Palpatine decided to use that to his advantage. Throughout the next few rotations, their relationship kept growing. Ultimately, Palpatine appointed Skywalker to be his representative to the Jedi Council.

Meanwhile, the Jedi began to distrust and resent the Chancellor's accumulating power and control. The Council, who was not happy with Skywalker's appointment by one not of their order, denied him the rank of "Jedi Master". This turn of events simply furthered Palpatine's plans. The Council however, decided to use this appointment as a chance to spy on Palpatine. Skywalker, who felt insulted by that demand, regretfully agreed and began to devote his time to getting to know the Chancellor better. Some Jedi, such as Mace Windu, were concerned about their relationship, seeing that it could be dangerous putting the two together. Windu ultimately noted that the dark side of the Force surrounded the Chancellor.

At an opera show, Palpatine and Skywalker discussed the situation with Palpatine revealing to know that the Council wanted Skywalker to spy on him. At the same time, Skywalker, who was dealing with the fear of his wife's loss was beginning to distrust the Jedi Council. This allowed Palpatine to orchestrate Skywalker's downfall by telling him the story of his Master, "Darth Plagueis the Wise." According to the story, Plagueis was so strong in the Force that he could use it to "save the ones he cared about from dying." Skywalker, enthralled by the story, wished to know more about this power, asking him if he could learn it with Palpatine stating, "Not from a Jedi." As the situation grew worse, Skywalker went to speak with the Chancellor regarding the Battle of Utapau. Anakin expressed his disappointment that he was not chosen for the assignment. Palpatine told Skywalker that the Council did not trust him and that the Jedi were plotting to take control of the Republic.

Palpatine then revealed that he was trained in the ways of the Force, "even the nature of the dark side." This led to Skywalker concluding that Palpatine himself, was the Sith Lord the Jedi were hunting down. With this, Palpatine told Skywalker that he would teach him to save his wife from death. Skywalker, who desired to kill him, went to the Jedi Council with this information.

Mace Windu, after learning about Skywalker's claim went to confront the Chancellor along with fellow Jedi Council Masters Kit Fisto, Agen Kolar as well as Saesee Tiin. Windu and the three other Jedi boldly ignited their lightsabers and declared that Palpatine was under arrest. Igniting his own crimson lightsaber, Palpatine lunged forward and slew Kolar, Tiin and Fisto in mere seconds, leaving Windu to face the Dark Lord alone.

Palpatine and Windu then engaged in a ferocious one-on-one duel. Though Palpatine initially had the upper hand, Windu eventually disarmed him, knocked him to the floor and held him at blade point. Palpatine attempted to blast Windu with Force lighting, but Windu managed to deflect it back into Palpatine, hideously disfiguring the Sith Lord in the process.

Anakin, who managed to sneak his way into the building was asked to help him, but was told by Mace Windu that he needed to be killed. Skywalker told Windu that Palpatine had to stand trial, but Windu claimed that he was "too dangerous to be kept alive", and that he controlled the Senate and the Courts. Deciding that his wife's survival was more important than his loyalty to the Jedi Order, Anakin intervened, cutting off Mace Windu's lightsaber arm and giving Palpatine the opening to striking Windu with a full barrage of Force lightning, throwing him out the office window.

Skywalker, stunned by what he had done, ultimately knelt before the Chancellor, agreeing to join the dark side on the condition that he be shown how to save Amidala's life. Palpatine bestowed on the young man the Sith name of Darth Vader. Palpatine instructed Vader to wipe out the Jedi, whom Palpatine believed were plotting to overthrow the Republic, as well as to wipe out the Separatist leaders on Mustafar.

Prior to the start of the war, Palpatine had instructed his apprentice, Darth Tyranus, to implant the members of the clone army they created with organic chips in their brains. This would allow them to order the clones to do anything they told them to, with the the ultimate goal of executing the Jedi. With one simple command, the clones would enter a trance-like state and perform whatever orders they were given.

When the newly-anointed Darth Vader was sent to kill the Jedi in the Temple, Palpatine contacted the clone troopers on various planets and commanded them to execute Order 66. Because of this, the clone troopers, who had formed deep relationships with their Jedi Generals, turned against them and managed to wipe out most of the Jedi with the exception of a few, notably Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda and Kanan Jarrus.

With Kenobi and Yoda realizing what has happened, Yoda went to face the Emperor personally, while Obi-Wan went to Mustafar to kill Anakin. Yoda surprised Palpatine, who told him that his arrogance has blinded him and that his apprentice will be more powerful than both of them, while Yoda told Palpatine that his faith in Vader was a mistake along with his faith in the dark side. The two then dueled in the Senate hall, and Palpatine narrowly managed to gain the upper hand through the use of his Force powers. Yoda fled and was forced to go into exile, but Palpatine did not personally pursue him as he had other, more pressing matters to attend to.

Palpatine had sensed that Vader was in mortal danger, and made haste to Mustafar. There, he found that Vader had been dismembered, horrifically burned, and left for dead by Obi-Wan Kenobi after the conclusion of their duel. He ordered the clones accompanying him to prepare a medical capsule for his apprentice. Skywalker was surgically reconstructed as a cyborg. There, Palpatine told him that he killed Amidala in his anger. With the last ounce of Anakin Skywalker gone, Palpatine's plan was complete and Darth Vader was officially born.

After the creation of his Sith Empire, Palpatine established himself in the old Jedi Temple on Coruscant, transforming it into the Imperial Palace. The Jedi had built the palace atop an ancient Sith shrine, in order to neutralize and cap the dark power that sprang from its depths. Palpatine entrusted the reopening and restoration of the ancient temple to droids under the the supervision of 11-4D, a protocol droid that once belonged to Darth Plagueis.

Five years after the end of the Clone Wars, Cham Syndulla, a war hero who liberated Ryloth from the Separatist forces during the war, organized and led the Free Ryloth movement in order to liberate his homeworld once again, this time from an Imperial military occupation. In order to cope that "terrorists", Emperor Palpatine summoned the Senator of Ryloth, Orn Free Taa to Coruscant for making him part of his plan. He ordered the Twi'lek to accompany him and his right-hand man, Darth Vader, for an official visit to Ryloth.

Once Emperor Palpatine dismissed Taa, Vader asked him why he couldn't simply wipe out the Senator along with his entire staff, in which the two Sith suspected there were one or more traitors, who provided aid to the terrorist movement. But the Emperor wished to find the roots of the treachery, eliminate them and make of it an example for the entire galaxy. Eventually he ordered Vader to inform the Moff of Ryloth, Delian Mors, of the arrival of Senator Orn Free Taa, but not of the two of them.

While on the way to Ryloth aboard the Star Destroyer Perilous, Palpatine instructed the ship to stop at the Denon system for a meeting on the training cruiser Defiance with several Imperial Navy chiefs to discuss a realignment of the Imperial Naval Academy. Palpatine ordered Darth Vader to oversee training exercises conducted by Commandant Pell Baylo while Palpatine was in his meeting with the naval chiefs. During one such exercise, Baylo set a hyperspace route that would have crashed the Defiance into Christophsis's sun.

Cadet Rae Sloane and Darth Vader uncovered this assassination attempt and redirected the Defiance. Baylo confronted Palpatine, accusing the Galactic Empire of being a hostile force that had taken over the Galactic Republic. Vader killed Baylo, which upset Palpatine, who wanted Baylo to suffer as the Defiance was decommissioned and turned into "cafeteria trays". Instead, the Defiance was renamed Obedience, and Palpatine and Vader re-boarded the Perilous and continued on their way to Ryloth.

The two Sith and Senator Taa came to the Ryloth system aboard Perilous. When the ship exited from the hyperspace, they found themselves in the middle of a minefield: Syndulla was waiting for them. The Twi'Lek wished to eliminate them to strike at the heart of the Empire. When the shields submitted, Emperor Palpatine remained on the bridge, while Vader took off with his fighter leading a squadron to deal with a swarm of vulture droids. The former Separatist fighters released thousands of explosive buzz droids which further damaged the Star Destroyer. Vader returned aboard the Perilous where he meet the Emperor and Senator Taa. Because he suspected there was a traitor in the Senator's staff, Palpatine ordered to isolate them in their own quarters.

In the meantime, a Twi'Lek task force reached the ship disguised as a repair team and placed explosive charges in the hyperdrive chamber, to trigger a chain reaction. Darth Vader pursued them, but they managed to escape, so he reached the Emperor, and they took off with his shuttle and shortly before the Perilous exploded. Once in space, the fugitive task force searched for the Imperial shuttle and caught up with it.

Vader Force-choked the resistance pilot of the pursuing ship through the shuttle viewport. In a desperate attempt to get free from Vader's grasp and to kill both him and the Emperor, the Twi'Leks rammed the stolen starship into the Imperial shuttle, critically damaging the latter. Vader attempted to regain control of the shuttle while Sidious remembered they had already been in situations like this. Thanks to the piloting skills of Vader the shuttle crash landed on Ryloth's surface, in the middle of a forest.

Once on the planet surface, Sidious noted with mild annoyance that the landing had been far beneath what he knew Vader to be capable of, and that Vader's lapse had left four corpses in the rear compartment of the shuttle. Vader admitted to having been distracted by thoughts of his past, and attempted to dismiss it as nothing. Sidious however, was unconvinced, though he shelved the matter and proceeded with Vader into the rear compartment.

There, three of the shuttle's occupants, Sergeant Erstin Deez, his captain, and another member of the Imperial Guards had survived the crash, though one was badly injured and unconscious. Vader noted with mild surprise that the Emperor appeared to have been wrong; there were only three corpses in the compartment. One of the conscious guards noted that his injured comrade had not strapped himself in during the landing, and as a result had been thrown about the compartment when the ship had crashed. However the Emperor, seemingly having known about the guard, had him executed for his stupidity, leaving the fourth corpse.

The foursome exited in the night, and while the two guards who survived were checking the survival kits, Vader asked his Master if he was testing him. Sidious answered they were always being tested, and they must pass all tests to gain strength and power. Meanwhile, the guards had activated the generator and the communication array to call for help. At that moment the Sith sensed that two Twi'Lek ships were approaching and prepared themselves for a confrontation. The Twi'lek rebel's ships fired upon them, while Vader, immersed in the Force, deflected the laser beams with his lightsaber.

The captain suggested to take cover in the woods, but the Emperor refused and instead, removed his cloak, and ignited his lightsaber. The two Sith spun their red blades, turning every shot back at the ships. When the enemy ships engines were hit and began to explode in flames and smoke, Sidious unleashed a bolt of Force lightning on their hulls and then, with the Force, drove one of the ships to the ground, while Vader did the same with the other. The two freighters exploded, and Vader sent Deez to check for survivors. They realized the rebels had jammed the communication network and that they were hunting for them.

They walked for a long time into the depths of the forest. Sidious went forward in the darkness seeing through the Force while testing Vader's loyalty once again until he decided to stop for a while. While the guards were eating, the two Sith began to meditate. The Emperor sensed his apprentice's murderous feelings towards him. When Vader ended his meditation, Sidious told him what he had sensed, but the former Jedi pledged his loyalty to his Sith Master. At that moment, the guards, whom the Emperor had sent away, had returned, pursued by a horde of lyleks. The Emperor remained calm, sending torrents of Force lightning against the predators, and began to advance back-to-back with Vader, their lightsabers ignited.

While Vader and the royal guards held back the advancing lyleks with their weapons, Sidious used the Force to topple trees over the advancing lylek horde. Through the Force, Sidious sensed a tunnel a hundred meters away. The four retreated into the tunnel with the lyleks in pursuit. This tunnel turned out to be the home of the lylek horde, and the four Imperials were forced to fight through hundreds of the creatures. The royal guards used their blasters and grenades while the two Sith Lords used the Force and their lightsabers to fight through the horde.

As they waded deeper into the cave, Sidious realized that the lyleks were herding the intruders towards their queen. At Vader's instigation, the four resolved to kill all their opponents with the Emperor activating his red blade. After a fierce battle with the lyleks, Sidious and Vader found themselves back to back. When Sidious asked his apprentice whether he had ever toyed with the idea of letting his Emperor die to fulfill his own ambitions, Vader admitted he had entertained such thoughts but reassured his master it was only for a moment. Sidious accepted Vader's loyalty and the two joined forces to tackle the lylek queen.

Following a savage battle, Vader managed to kill the queen; scattering the remaining lyleks. However, the royal guard captain was killed, leaving only Sidious, Vader, and Sergeant Deez. Based on their battle with the lyleks, Master and apprentice quickly surmised that Cham and his rebels were trying to kill them to bring about the Empire's destruction. Having triumphed over the lylek horde, the three Imperials found an opening at the end of the tunnel which led back to the forest.

While Sidious and his companions were traveling through the forest, they encountered a young Twi'lek girl named Drua. Sidious made a move to kill her, but Vader blocked his master's death blow and convinced Sidious that she could lead them to a settlement where they could contact reinforcements. Drua led them to her village, which was home to escaped Twi'lek slaves. When the village head Narmn asked for their identities, Sidious introduced himself, Vader, and Deez as "Krataa", "Irluuk", and the Sergeant. Sidious and Vader alone knew that their pseudonyms stood for "death" and "fate."

Sidious warned Vader that his act of mercy towards Drua would cost both her and her fellow villagers their lives. Vader then managed to win over the villagers by offering to repair an ancient communications device. Once Vader had fixed the machine, Sidious ordered Deez to contact Moff Mors; whom he knew to be loyal. After reestablishing contact with the two Sith Lords, Mors took steps to eliminate the Imperial traitor Colonel Belkor Dray, who was secretly aiding Cham's rebels. She foiled Belkor's plot to order V-wing fighters to strike Drua's village and the massed Free Ryloth forces in a nearby quarry. After executing Belkor, Moff Mors sent her forces to rendezvous with Sidious and Vader at the Twi'lek village.

Cham's forces, unwilling to harm the villagers, fired warning shots so that the villagers would flee the scene of the upcoming battle. The villagers reacted by fleeing to a nearby mine shaft, a sanctuary in time of danger. However, Sidious, Vader, and Deez stood their ground at the center of the village. Before Cham's forces could launch their attack, Moff Mors' forces arrived in two transport vessels and trapped the rebel fighters. With many of the Free Ryloth fighters killed, Cham narrowly managed to avoid capture at the hands of Vader. Under the orders of Sidious, Mors's Imperial forces massacred the surviving Free Ryloth fighters. Following a brief exchange with Cham's lieutenant Isval, Sidious ordered Vader to execute her and then afterward, the surviving Twi'lek villagers hiding in the mine shaft as well, in order not to leave any witnesses. After a brief moment of hesitation, Vader complied with his Master's orders and massacred the villagers.

Many years into the Empire's reign, Sidious' interest in the Unknown Regions continued. This came to a head when the crew of the Venator-class Star Destroyer Strikefast, under the command of Captain Voss Parck, encountered the Chiss known as Thrawn in Wild Space. Many years earlier, Anakin Skywalker told Palpatine of this alien and how they worked together. This alien claimed to have a great deal of knowledge on the Unknown Regions. Thrawn was then brought before Sidious on Coruscant in order to be questioned. Thrawn told the Emperor of threats lurking within the Unknown Regions and how they might one day find the Empire and offered his military skills. Sidious then deduced that Thrawn's intentions were to help protect his people from these threats. Thrawn assured the Emperor that his allegiance would be to the Empire. Thrawn then revealed that he had known Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars, thus proving who he was to the Emperor.

For their service, the Emperor promised Captain Parck and his crew rewards. Thrawn however, requested that his translator Eli Vanto stay with him. The Emperor then asked Thrawn to walk with him outside. In his personal garden, Sidious told the Chiss of his interest in the Unknown Regions. Thrawn then warned that there was great danger to be found there, however he assured Sidious that he would share his knowledge of the Unknown Regions. The Emperor ordered that Eli Vanto would be transferred to Thrawn's side and that they would both undergo training at the Royal Imperial Academy.

With the Jedi mostly defeated, Sidious felt secure behind his huge galactic military and dominion over most of the known galaxy. Despite this, remaining Separatist holdouts and surviving Jedi would gnaw at his confidence of the longevity of his new Empire. Seeking to secure the center, the Emperor supported mass military excursions into the Outer Rim Territories in an effort to bring more systems under his fold. With his ultimate goal of bending reality into something of his own creation, an omnipotent Empire would allow all the galaxy's inhabitants to be held in his dark embrace. Despite the Jedi being all but extinct, Force-sensitive children were still being born across the galaxy. In an effort to combat this threat, Sidious created the Inquisitorius composed of Dark Side Adepts and commanded his apprentice, Lord Vader, to contact a Pau'an Inquisitor to hunt them down and destroy them if they did not serve the Empire.

During the fifteenth Empire Day, celebrating the anniversary of the Empire's rise to power, the Emperor invited Lothal governor Arihnda Pryce to celebrate with him on Coruscant. After the Inquisitor's death, at the hands of Kanan Jarrus and his Padawan Ezra Bridger, the Emperor dispatched his apprentice to Lothal as an "alternative solution" to the growing rebel problem. The Emperor was contacted by Darth Vader after he had defeated the Rebel fleet in the Lothal system. Vader informed his Master that he had discovered that his former Jedi apprentice, Ahsoka Tano, still lived. The Emperor was pleased at the news as Tano possibly knew the location of other hidden Jedi, and capturing her would allow the Empire to find them and destroy them before they became threats. Although Vader was more interested in finding his former Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, Sidious told his apprentice to have patience and to send an Inquisitor to hunt down Tano and the other Jedi discovered on Lothal.

In 2 BBY, the Emperor promoted the Chiss Imperial Navy officer Thrawn to the position of Grand Admiral for his role in suppressing the rebel insurgency in the Batonn sector. During the promotion however, Thrawn questioned Palpatine on the practicality of the Death Star. The Emperor questioned if the reason for Thrawn's worries were because of the threat the station posed to the Chiss species. However, because Thrawn had fulfilled his end of the bargain by sharing his information on the Unknown Regions, he let the issue go. The Emperor then introduced Thrawn to his personal enforcer, Darth Vader. Later, Thrawn would be dispatched to deal with the growing rebel threat.

Four years after the reveal of a united rebel front on Mustafar, the rebels had reorganized themselves into a larger and more organized movement known as the Alliance to Restore the Republic, or the "Rebel Alliance". Striking from a hidden base, the Rebels orchestrated strike after strike against Sidious's regime. Although these strikes were no more than a nuisance to the Empire, a major defeat eventually saw the loss of a complete technological readout of the Death Star, the Empire's ultimate weapon which had been under construction for nineteen years. This loss, as the space station neared completion, was a bitter, and potentially fatal, blow to the Emperor's long-term plans. In order to deal with the problem, Sidious sent Vader to find the Death Star plans.

Vader eventually found that the plans had been sent to Princess Leia Organa, the Imperial Senator for Alderaan and a suspected Rebel sympathizer. Although Vader failed to acquire the plans, he arrested Organa as a traitor and, as such, provided Sidious with the excuse he needed to dissolve the Imperial Senate. One of the last remnants of the Galactic Republic, Sidious had always planned to remove it but he needed to wait for the Death Star to be completed so that order could be maintained through fear instead of representation in the Senate. With the space station nearly completed and a Senator accused of supporting the rebellion, Sidious ordered the dissolution of the Senate. Legislative power was transferred to regional governors and select members of the Imperial military, such as Sidious's ally, Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, allowing the Emperor to gain complete control over the Empire with no checks to his power. Despite Sidious's careful planning for seizing complete power over the Empire, his plans were jeopardized when the Rebel Alliance succeeded in destroying the Death Star during the Battle of Yavin, killing Tarkin and most of the Empire's high-ranking officers. The only survivors were Sidious's apprentice, Darth Vader, who had failed to defend the space station and General Cassio Tagge who had been sent to investigate Princess Leia Organa's claims about an active Rebel base on Dantooine. The Rebels' victory at Yavin was followed by another victory on Cymoon 1, where a Rebel team destroyed the Empire's main production facility, Weapons Factory Alpha.

Several other assaults by Rebel forces, such as the bombing of a supply base on Imdaar and the shipyards at Kuat, harassed the Empire in the weeks following the Death Star's destruction. In addition, the aftermath of the Death Star's destruction saw a rise in pirate activity against Imperial supply convoys as the galactic government was no longer seen as invulnerable. The Empire's hold over vital worlds also began to slip; one of the worlds which began to question Imperial domination was the mining world of Shu-Torun.

Ruled by a mercantile nobility called the ore-dukes, Shu-Torun provided important materials the Empire required for its construction projects, including the development of the second Death Star, and the Emperor constantly demanded higher tithes, especially in the aftermath of the Battle of Yavin. Opposing this unsustainable increase, the Ore-dukes convinced their aged King to rebel against the Empire.

In an attempt to gain a new Sith apprentice as well as end the Galactic Civil War, Sidious purposely allowed the Rebels to obtain the plans of the new Death Star under construction over the forest moon of Endor. Following the presumed destruction of a vast majority of the Rebellion in a doomed confrontation against an unknowingly armed and operational Death Star, Sidious planned on commencing the deployment of some of the largest invasion fleets known in galactic history to blockade the known rebel strongholds of Mon Cala and Chandrila until the Death Star II could destroy them, permanently ending the Rebellion and all those that would oppose his rule through sheer terror.

Whilst on the Death Star, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia and Chewbacca managed to sneak past the shield and land on the Sanctuary Moon. Vader, who had been told to dispatch the fleet to the moon and to remain on a command ship, sensed his son's arrival. Because of this, he journeyed to the Death Star, where he told the Emperor that he sensed Luke's arrival. Surprised that he was unable to sense it, he told Vader to go and wait for him, saying that he had foreseen Luke seeking Vader out and surrendering to him personally in an attempt to redeem his fallen father.

Shortly after Skywalker and the rebel strike team landed on Endor, the Emperor summoned his secret protege admiral Gallius Rax for a secret meeting aboard his throne room on the second Death Star. Sensing a shatterpoint approaching, Darth Sidious warned Rax that it may soon be time to implement the Contingency. He then ordered Rax to take the Super Star Destroyer Ravager into the Vulpinus Nebula and hide until the events of this shatterpoint had resolved. He also told Rax that there would be others he had to call to his side.

Once Luke did this Darth Vader brought his son to the space station and his master's throne room. The Emperor greeted Luke, dismissed the Royal Guards and removed his chains. Luke was told that the Emperor planned to turn Luke to the dark side and that all that has happened on the Moon was all his plan. The Emperor also managed to explain that his father was irredeemable and could never be turned from the dark side. Sidious also had a surprise in store for the Rebels. When the Alliance Fleet arrived, the Death Star's superlaser was operational, contrary to what the Rebels had been led to believe. The Death Star was able to destroy several of the command ships, but the Rebels both on the surface and in space managed to press forward with their attack, as Lando was counting on Han to destroy the Shield Generator.

Luke was then manipulated by the Emperor, who told him of his friends' impending doom and Luke was told that he would soon become his apprentice. Luke at first resisted, but as the Emperor continued to taunt him, Luke grew angrier and then grabbed his lightsaber to strike the old man down. Darth Vader intercepted Luke's strike and the two began to engage in a duel much to the Emperor's delight.

Luke was first able to calm himself, refusing several times to continue fighting his father. Luke attempted to hide from Vader as their fight became more intense but Vader was able to sense his son's thoughts and learned that Luke had a sister. With this knowledge, Vader told Luke that if he did not turn to the dark side, perhaps Leia would. The threat of losing his sister enraged Luke and drove him to angrily attack Vader.

Although he nearly killed Vader and cut off his mechanical hand, Luke began to see what had happened and that he was dangerously close to becoming like his father was now; a slave to the dark side of the Force. Luke threw away his lightsaber and turned to face the Emperor. He told Emperor Palpatine that he would never turn to the dark side and that he was a Jedi, like his father before him.

Angered by this, Sidious unleashed Force lightning upon him, forcing him onto his knees and begging his father to help him. The Emperor then proceeded to torment Luke, remarking that his feeble skills were no match for the power of the dark side, and that Luke was weak and a fool.[5] Meanwhile, Darth Vader watched his son struggling. Forced to choose between saving his son and obeying his master, he chose to save his son by grabbing the Emperor and throwing him off a ledge.

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