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Rating: 3-3-3

Word Count: None

Fandoms: All

Canons: Open/Oc's Welcome!

Bans: Howard the Duck,
RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

Main Rule:Don't Be a Dick

OOC min age:18

Justin Halloway
Marvel Comics-616-ish

Job: Superhero/Doctor
Ship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation:Straight


Justin Halloway
full name: Justin Halloway
nicknames/aliases/code name: The Angel
canon or oc: OC/Legacy
anchor character: No
species: Human
gender: Male
age: 28
date of birth: June 8, 1983
place of birth: Manhattan
starting location: Hub (just arrived)
originating fandom: Marvel Comics
fandom universe: 616-adjacent (indistinguishable from it, except for the OC’s presence there)
pronouns: He/Him
occupation: Superhero, Doctor, Ex-Soldier
languages: English, Spanish, limited Arabic
playby: Matt Bomer
height: 6’0”
weight: 180 lbs
hair color: Brown
eye color: Blue
distinguishing features: Scars from injuries from military service
sexual orientation: Straight
family: Thomas Holloway - The Angel (Original) Jason Halloway - Cousin (deceased)
relationship status: Single
powers: Justin has no superhuman powers of his own.
strengths: Military combat training - Justin is experienced with most forms of firearms, and is proficient enough to pick up one of a logical design and be able to fire it without instruction, not accounting for safety features. He is experienced with hand-to-hand combat as trained by the Marine Corps.

Medical training – Justin trained as a field medic, and after his service went to medical school. On his Earth he is a qualified trauma surgeon.

Flight – Justin has practiced with his Grandfather’s cape, and has quite a bit of experience flying with high speed and high accuracy.

  • Hotheaded
  • Just a squishy, fragile human with some cool equipment
  • Constant need to prove himself due to dark family past

equipment: Cape of Mercury – Magic cape found by his Grandfather during his time as a superhero. The Cape of Mercury allows Justin to fly at high speed (he tops out at 90 mph voluntarily, but hasn’t seen any indication that this is the cape’s actual upper limit) and protecting him from the effects of air resistance while in flight. The cape is indestructible, providing him some protection from being shot or stabbed, but only from being pierced by the weapon, the blunt impact still fully affects him.

Wrist crossbow – Justin’s primary weapon is a Starktech wrist crossbow that fires a variety of darts (standard, tranquilizer, incendiary, tazer)

Plasma pistol – Justin has one of the pistols used by the Two Gun Kid in the old west, gifted to his grandfather. It was upgraded by the Iron Man of his world, so that only the frame of it remains original, the rest of it upgraded into an energy weapon that superficially resembles a revolver.

Always a bit of a wild child, at his father’s direction, Justin enlisted in the Marine Corps directly out of high school, a momentary departure from the usual family medical pursuits, though he stayed close enough to tradition to train as a field medic during his service. He served with distinction, but chose not to re-enlist after one tour in the middle east, instead using his veteran’s benefits to go to medical school as his Grandfather had expected of him.

It wasn’t until the murder of his cousin, Jason, that Justin found out about his family’s deeper history, that his grandfather, Thomas, had been one of the first modern costumed heroes, the Angel, and that he had later gone on to found a much more violent agency: the Scourges of the Underworld, who took the law into their own hands to cut a bloody swath through the criminal underground. Justin’s cousin had been gifted with the guns that his Grandfather had used as the Angel and had taken up the masked identity as his own, but had run afoul of the Scourges, an encounter that he had not survived.

Faced with the sobering reality that his misguided, though well-intended, actions had resulted in the death of his own grandson, Thomas was distraught, enough to break his silence on the matter to Justin, telling him every detail that he’d withheld from his family for decades. Justin was incensed, both with the Scourges and his grandfather, though he would eventually make his peace with the old man. For the time being, though, he knew what he had to do: He would dismantle the Scourges, and make sure that the legacy that his grandfather passed on to the world was that of the Angel, a fighter for justice that stood up when the world needed heroes to look to.

Knowing that he couldn’t handle this on his own, he managed to get word to Steve Rogers, Captain America, the man who had brought his Grandfather’s pistols and mask to Jason in the first place. He laid out the entire story to the good Captain, admitting all the blame that lay on his family for all of the blood shed by every Scourge, and pleaded with him to help him make it right. He had all of the secrets of the organization that his grandfather, the founder of the Scourges, knew. The only thing he couldn’t risk was that he died in the attempt and couldn’t see it through. If Cap would help him with that, Justin would do anything he could to make it up to him.

After months of investigations, raids, and on-and-off fighting, Justin and Steve finally concluded that if they hadn’t gotten all of the scourges, they’d at least decapitated the organization, leaving only scattered individual agents that must have gone to ground. In the years after, he would occasionally need to take care of a white-clad vigilante trying to assassinate supervillains, but the threat of the Scourges was taken care of, and the Angel had been introduced into the superhero community. When the Civil War broke out, he sided with Captain America’s resistance, never forgetting the debt he owed the man who helped him redeem his family’s legacy. After the fighting died down, he joined Luke Cage’s Avengers, providing medical care to the underground superheroes as he fought alongside them, until finally with the return of Captain America they could step back into the light and lead the fight to protect the world.

After the Red Skull led the Worthy in a mystical battle against the world, Justin was one of the heroes that stood in the final battle with Captain America, wielding Asgardian-enchanted weapons against the forces of the Serpent. Along with the others, he returned his weapon to Asgard to be melted down again, but on his return, instead of returning to earth, he found himself shifted between worlds to the Hub, where he now finds himself exploring the multiverse, and meeting new allies (and enemies) both strange and eerily familiar to him.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub for established universe: Avengers Mansion
knowledge level of multiverse: Limited knowledge of alternate timelines, comparable to the average Avenger.
fandom specific information: Member of the Avengers on his Earth
Anchor Character Section
RP Sample
”All units in place. Going dark now.”

That was his cue, and Justin wasn’t going to miss it. Cape whipping in the wind, he went into a dive over the warehouse, knowing that somewhere down the dock, one of his teammates was emerging from the water as he descended from the sky. It never failed to amaze him that his grandfather had known that man… just how long did Atlanteans live? As a doctor, he had often been intrigued by the possibilities presented by Namor’s unique physiology, but he knew better than to ask to examine him. The Mighty Namor would deign to be examined when it suited the Mighty Namor’s whims. Basically, when a man could rip you in half like a sheet of paper, don’t try to get him on your examining table without him making the appointment first. Words to live by, he supposed…

He pulled the black cape around him as he touched down behind the warehouse, hugging the wall as he crept around the side. He took aim with the wrist crossbow, and with the clack of metal in the projection tube, propelled by the shaped magnetic fields that served as a wire, the taser-dart shot out, striking the patrolling guard on the back of the neck. Justin rushed forward, cutting the current just before he drove his palm into the man’s jaw with a meaty smack, rendering him senseless on the ground. He touched his comm, just giving it a click on and off for a signal that he was in position. He received a responding click, and then heard a loud splash from the other side of the warehouse… well, so much for subtlety. This was expected… now he just had to keep all the attention from the gun runners from falling on Namor.

Whatever the Prince of Atlantis was doing, Justin had to make just as much noise. He drew his blaster, taking aim with the high-tech revolver, and blasted the fueling station he could see at the start of the pier. The explosion lit the night, and shouts started to ring out as the gun-runners rushed out in ernest to see what was going on. Justin’s feet left the ground as he darted forward through the air, snatching his trailing cape up and wrapping it over a guard’s face as he tackled him to the ground, the cloth muffling the sound of the man’s struggles as Justin choked him out. Two down, and judging by the sound of things… several more to go.

He raised his pistol, taking aim and firing two more times, taking two guards down and drawing the fire of the other four that were with them. He ducked behind the building, only to hear the gunfire end in shouts of alarm and a loud metallic clang. Justin peeked out, then flew out to help the man who had intervened to draw their fire, the other man that he was still astonished to hear his grandfather had known. This was the sort of thing they would have done nearly seventy years ago, possibly on this very pier during World War II, and now he was here to take up the real family business. “This is a little louder than we expected, Cap,” he quipped as he landed in action, the grandson of the first mystery man covering the back of America’s first great Superhero. There were three of them here right now, Justin, Cap and Namor down the docs, and three more if reinforcements arrived in time Against them, he counted about two dozen guards.

Poor things, they didn’t even stand a chance tonight.

“Plans change, Angel,” Cap answered as he brought his shield down on a gun that was thrust a little too close to him, bending the weapon into uselessness. “Are you saying that you can’t roll with it?” Justin didn’t need to turn around to hear the amusement in Cap’s voice, and he matched it with a fierce grin as he brought down his recharging blaster to fire off another tazer dart at a guard who looked inclined to radio for help.

“I told you before, sir. You point, I fly. Beyond that, we’ll make it work.”

Friends: Justin is a bit of a hothead, but a reliable superhero through and through. Due to his family history, he tends to shy away from people who skirt the line between heroes and killers. Anyone who wants to team up, be they other superheroes or not, will likely find a friend with him. Justin, right now, is most interested in exploring this new world, and possibly those beyond it. He has very few ties to his old world that can’t wait for him to eventually return. The Avengers are in a good spot, as far as he knows, so he’s very open to re-planting himself in the Hub or somewhere beyond where he is needed.

Enemies: Justin, as might be expected, is strongly opposed to those who take the law into their own hands with excessive force. Some level of vigilantism is needed, obviously, but outright murder of criminals is something to be avoided. There is a time and a place for lethal force, and he tends to be very conservative with its application and strongly oppose anyone who enjoys applying it. Beyond that, Justin has a constant need to prove himself, so wherever there’s the big bad villain, he’ll be right there stepping up to oppose him… even if it gets him in over his head.

Remember what was said about getting in over his head? It applies here too. Justin likes the ladies, he likes the ladies a lot. Sometimes, he likes the ladies that he ought to know he shouldn’t. They say that girls like bad boys? Well, Justin tends to like bad girls, or ones that are otherwise problems for him. If there’s going to be a guy who ends up sleeping with a minor supervillainess and then feeling weird about fighting her, it’ll probably be this guy. Basically, I like drama, preferably fun and non-angsty drama.

nicknames: Mike
age: 36
pronouns: He/Him
timezone: Mountain Standard
contact: hit me on Hipchat, I’m on the group list
triggers: Nothing really triggers me, but I do find torture/helplessness that goes on for an extended amount of time to not be enjoyable.
mature threading: No problems here
other characters: None yet
about: I’ve been an RP junkie for over a decade now. I’ve played in multiple fandoms, multiple genres, so this site is amazing to me. This character was created as part of a splinter Avengers team that cameoed on an X-Men rp, a character that I’ve always wanted to come back to and never had a site to do it on.
28. Doctor/Superhero. Marvel Comics. Matt Bomer.
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