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Rating: 3-3-3

Word Count: None

Fandoms: All

Canons: Open/Oc's Welcome!

Bans: Howard the Duck,
RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

Main Rule:Don't Be a Dick

OOC min age:18

Last Posts
Truth Hurts Replies:11 Time:Today Last Post by:Castiel
Starter:Dean Winchester Views:174 Hub
Hell's Belle Replies:4 Time:Today Last Post by:Seth
Starter:Seth Views:58 Bazaar
Remember When Replies:8 Time:Today Last Post by:616 Tony Stark
Starter:616 Tony Stark Views:108 Hub
War against the Machines Replies:0 Time:Yesterday Last Post by:Marcus Wright
Starter:Marcus Wright Views:11 Other
Marcus Wright (WIP) Replies:3 Time:Yesterday Last Post by:kel
Starter:Marcus Wright Views:68 Accepted Applications
An Extended Olive Branch Replies:3 Time:Yesterday Last Post by:Christian Verglas
Starter:Sune Views:56 DCTVU-1
Take me instead. Replies:5 Time:Yesterday Last Post by:Death
Starter:James Barnes (MCU-1) Views:59 Grim Realty
Drown Your Sorrows Replies:6 Time:Yesterday Last Post by:616 Tony Stark
Starter:616 Tony Stark Views:154 Hub
Crashing the Party Replies:29 Time:05-24-2018 Last Post by:F.R.I.D.A.Y
Starter:616 Tony Stark Views:911 Hub
Sugar Spice... Replies:4 Time:05-24-2018 Last Post by:F.R.I.D.A.Y
Starter:F.R.I.D.A.Y Views:107 Hub
Dust to Dust Replies:21 Time:05-24-2018 Last Post by:616 Steve Rogers
Starter:Belle Scarlet Street Views:492 Hub
Boxed and Belles Replies:20 Time:05-24-2018 Last Post by:Belle Scarlet Street
Starter:Belle Scarlet Street Views:334 Hub
A New Fluttering Heart Replies:15 Time:05-24-2018 Last Post by:Arjay Lo'Ran
Starter:Sune Views:316 The Wandering Moon Inn
Just a little Crush Replies:20 Time:05-24-2018 Last Post by:James Barnes (MCU-1)
Starter:Shuri Views:257 Bazaar
Birth is always bloody Replies:12 Time:05-23-2018 Last Post by:F.R.I.D.A.Y
Starter:F.R.I.D.A.Y Views:224 Hub
Never send flowers -cookies will do- Replies:9 Time:05-23-2018 Last Post by:Belle Scarlet Street
Starter:Pete Wisdom Views:181 Bazaar
Really, he doesn't spend ALL his time here... Replies:10 Time:05-23-2018 Last Post by:Arjay Lo'Ran
Starter:Arjay Lo'Ran Views:421 The Wandering Moon Inn
I'm not aromantic, let's have dinner. Replies:8 Time:05-23-2018 Last Post by:Kailani Mahelona
Starter:Kailani Mahelona Views:157 Hub
Not your usual watering hole... Replies:24 Time:05-22-2018 Last Post by:Virgil Barnett
Starter:Virgil Barnett Views:1030 The Wandering Moon Inn
Egg Layers Replies:10 Time:05-21-2018 Last Post by:Adhira
Starter:Adhira Views:226 Hub
Someone call a doctor, I'm hurt Replies:21 Time:05-18-2018 Last Post by:Lorelei Coulson Barton
Starter:Justin Halloway Views:872 Bazaar
[April Fools] Where There's Trouble... Replies:10 Time:05-17-2018 Last Post by:Steve Rogers
Starter:Steve Rogers Views:383 St. Canard
Life is But a Dream Replies:10 Time:05-17-2018 Last Post by:Steve Rogers
Starter:Steve Rogers Views:237 Hub
Mutual Not-Feelings Replies:29 Time:05-17-2018 Last Post by:James Barnes (MCU-1)
Starter:James Barnes (MCU-1) Views:728 616
[April Fools] The Calvary's Here Replies:7 Time:05-16-2018 Last Post by:Lorelei Coulson Barton
Starter:Lorelei Coulson Barton Views:245 Other
Beyond the end Replies:38 Time:05-15-2018 Last Post by:Virgil Barnett
Starter:Quethadia Nyx Views:1433 Other
Love Warriors Replies:16 Time:05-13-2018 Last Post by:Kailani Mahelona
Starter:Kailani Mahelona Views:411 The Wandering Moon Inn
Kai Equips Cake of Gratitude Replies:9 Time:05-12-2018 Last Post by:Christian Verglas
Starter:Kailani Mahelona Views:435 Hub
Bad Omens Replies:47 Time:05-10-2018 Last Post by:Aziraphale
Starter:Aziraphale Views:1766 Hub
test Replies:40 Time:05-09-2018 Last Post by:kel
Starter:Wanda Maximoff Views:359 Grim Realty
[April Fool's] I suppose we're roughing it. Replies:15 Time:05-08-2018 Last Post by:Kim Woo Bin
Starter:Virgil Barnett Views:488 Toril
[April Fool's] The world could always use more heroes Replies:12 Time:05-08-2018 Last Post by:Fizzle Bizzlebop
Starter:Arjay Lo'Ran Views:435 Other
This Isn't Awkward At All Replies:29 Time:05-08-2018 Last Post by:616 Steve Rogers
Starter:616 Tony Stark Views:990 Hub
Thank you dear. Replies:10 Time:05-08-2018 Last Post by:Aziraphale
Starter:Aziraphale Views:272 Hub
The Return of the Bubbles. Replies:11 Time:05-08-2018 Last Post by:Lukkyn EveSpring
Starter:Quethadia Nyx Views:522 The Wandering Moon Inn
.... How do genders work? Replies:7 Time:05-07-2018 Last Post by:Asanyahi T'Esria
Starter:Asanyahi T'Esria Views:119 The Green Goddess
Dr. Asanyahi T'Esria Replies:1 Time:05-07-2018 Last Post by:kel
Starter:Asanyahi T'Esria Views:63 Accepted Applications
Looking Forward Replies:22 Time:05-04-2018 Last Post by:James Barnes (MCU-1)
Starter:James Barnes (MCU-1) Views:687 MCU-1
Everything the light touches...IS ON FIRE Replies:5 Time:05-03-2018 Last Post by:James Barnes (MCU-1)
Starter:Shuri Views:307 Hub
[April Fool's] No- Green is decidedly not good. Replies:9 Time:05-03-2018 Last Post by:Shuri
Starter:Nala Views:376 Other

Must Read 7 POSTS in 5 THREADS
Rules and Stuff!
Luthien Vogeler
LAST POST made in Must Read For Questers! by Luthien Vogeler on 09-10-2017, 06:59 PM.
Claims 7 POSTS in 7 THREADS
All your claims!
LAST POST made in Aziraphale by Aziraphale on 11-27-2017, 03:24 AM.
Applications 157 POSTS in 78 THREADS
WIP, Pending, and Accepted Applications!
LAST POST made in Marcus Wright (WIP) by kel on Yesterday, 06:52 PM.
Wanteds 9 POSTS in 6 THREADS
Oryn Vance
LAST POST made in Yer a wizard! by Oryn Vance on 01-14-2018, 08:27 PM.

Hub 3,040 POSTS in 138 THREADS

The city that connects and ghosts each muti-verse; infinitely finite.

Threads here happen within the boroughs of Hub.

LAST POST made in Truth Hurts by Castiel on 4 hours ago.
Grim Realty 65 POSTS in 4 THREADS
Death is your landlord, s/he rents out the 'real' buildings in the center of Hub. Death would love to help you find your final home.
LAST POST made in Take me instead. by Death on Yesterday, 05:04 PM.
Bazaar 179 POSTS in 9 THREADS
The center of Hub, the 'solid' unchanging potion of the Hub. Check out Grim Realty to rent or buy a building!
LAST POST made in Hell's Belle by Seth on Today, 08:21 AM.
The Wandering Moon Inn 488 POSTS in 26 THREADS

a fantasy-world based tavern stocked with booze, music, and traveling merchants from across the omniverse
Arjay Lo'Ran
LAST POST made in A New Fluttering Heart by Arjay Lo'Ran on 05-24-2018, 01:16 PM.
The Green Goddess 681 POSTS in 37 THREADS
A club with a bar, and lounge area where one can sit, eat, drink and watch the dancing girls.
Asanyahi T'Esria
LAST POST made in .... How do genders work? by Asanyahi T'Esria on 05-07-2018, 04:25 PM.

Marvel Cinematic Universe
James Barnes
LAST POST made in Not Your Ghost by James Barnes on 01-28-2018, 03:55 AM.
616 67 POSTS in 2 THREADS
Marvel 616 Universe
James Barnes (MCU-1)
LAST POST made in Mutual Not-Feelings by James Barnes (MCU-1) on 05-17-2018, 05:33 AM.
Avengers Academy Universe
No posts have been made in this forum.
An alternate Version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Sub Forums:
James Barnes (MCU-1)
LAST POST made in Looking Forward by James Barnes (MCU-1) on 05-04-2018, 09:54 PM.

DC's Television Universe (Arrow, Flash, etc.) divergent from canon and current timeline at mid Season 4 of Arrow.
Sub Forums:
Christian Verglas
LAST POST made in An Extended Olive Branch by Christian Verglas on Yesterday, 06:01 PM.

Toril 34 POSTS in 2 THREADS
Kim Woo Bin
LAST POST made in [April Fool's] I suppose ... by Kim Woo Bin on 05-08-2018, 07:34 PM.

St. Canard 17 POSTS in 2 THREADS
Darkwing Duck's home city in his universe.
Steve Rogers
LAST POST made in [April Fools] Where There... by Steve Rogers on 05-17-2018, 07:03 PM.

The Emberverse 100 POSTS in 9 THREADS
Luthien Vogeler
LAST POST made in Quest Day 16: Arriving in... by Luthien Vogeler on 02-19-2018, 04:56 AM.

Other 245 POSTS in 13 THREADS
Marcus Wright
LAST POST made in War against the Machines by Marcus Wright on Yesterday, 10:06 PM.

Out of Character
Games 3 POSTS in 2 THREADS
Oryn Vance
LAST POST made in Upcoming threads: The Dec... by Oryn Vance on 12-12-2017, 08:59 AM.
Shops 0 POSTS in 0 THREADS
OOC Shops for IC cash!
No posts have been made in this forum.
LAST POST made in A Long LOA by Nyte on 02-16-2018, 05:00 AM.

Latest Posts
Truth Hurts
Latest post by Castiel posted 4 hours ago
Hell's Belle
Latest post by Seth posted 4 hours ago
Remember When
Latest post by 616 Tony Stark posted 4 hours ago
War against the Machines
Latest post by Marcus Wright posted 4 hours ago
Marcus Wright (WIP)
Latest post by kel posted 4 hours ago
An Extended Olive Branch
Latest post by Christian Verglas posted 4 hours ago
Take me instead.
Latest post by Death posted 4 hours ago
Drown Your Sorrows
Latest post by 616 Tony Stark posted 4 hours ago
Crashing the Party
Latest post by F.R.I.D.A.Y posted 4 hours ago
Sugar Spice...
Latest post by F.R.I.D.A.Y posted 4 hours ago
Dust to Dust
Latest post by 616 Steve Rogers posted 4 hours ago
Boxed and Belles
Latest post by Belle Scarlet Street posted 4 hours ago
A New Fluttering Heart
Latest post by Arjay Lo'Ran posted 4 hours ago
Just a little Crush
Latest post by James Barnes (MCU-1) posted 4 hours ago
Birth is always bloody
Latest post by F.R.I.D.A.Y posted 4 hours ago
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