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Word Count: None

Canons: Open/Oc's Welcome!

RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

Main Rule:Don't Be a Dick

Player min age:18

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The City
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LAST POST made in Hannibal Cain by kel on Yesterday, 08:13 AM.
Upper Class Residential Boroughs 0 POSTS in 0 THREADS

For those citizens fortunate enough to have a sizeable income, richer residences can be found in the areas surrounding the leafy Hyde Park.

Putting them within easy reach of being in attendance at the House of Lords (The political centre at Westminster), and also within a stone's throw from the shops and theatres of the West End. Some of the richer residential areas include; Kensington, Belgravia, Mayfair, Fitzrovia, etc.

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Middle Class Residential Boroughs 7 POSTS in 1 THREADS

For citizens of moderate wealth (either by inheritance, or through owning and managing vast business empires), residences could be purchased in areas adjacent to the more affluent boroughs of the Upper Classes (allowing for a most pleasing blurring of social lines between the two).

Areas such as Bloomsbury, Convent Garden, and St Pancras allowed the Middle Classes to believe themselves not too far detached from the Aristocrats, Nobles, Dukes, other wealthy families of the Upper Classes, but still near enough to areas of trade to manage their business affairs.

Celeste Smith
LAST POST made in a Chance encounter by Celeste Smith on Yesterday, 06:46 PM.
The East End (And Lower Class Areas) 0 POSTS in 0 THREADS

A large over-populated area of London primarily inhabited by the working classes (and lower) in slums, notorious for its deep poverty, debauchery, illicit activity, crime, and all the associated social issues.

With an increasingly sinister reputation (from prostitution, to the 'Jack the Ripper' murders), there are some areas here that even the highly street savvy would think twice before entering.

However, there is far more to the East End than just 'the slums'; It is an area of highly polluted industry (the factories that are clustered around the Thames and Docklands, and the infamous Workhouses in Mile End and Bethnal Green).

Bustling trade, the hugely important markets of Spitalfields, and large selection of immigrant traders. Entertainment (for all classes), from the Music Halls (staging comedy acts, female singers, performing dogs etc.), to theatres, both the small back-street 'penny gaffs' staging shocking thrillers, but also those legitimate establishments in Shoreditch, featuring everything from Operas, to Shakespeare upon their bills.

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The West End 0 POSTS in 0 THREADS

Broadly speaking, this was London’s centre for metropolitan activities, including art galleries and museums, educational institutions, and opulent shops and indoor bazaars (such as ‘The Soho Bazaar’), etc.

It was also known as ‘Theatreland’; While middle and upper class residents still often took in the legitimate theatres of the East End (or back-alley gaffs if they were daring enough, or simply ‘slumming it).

The West End was becoming London's theatre district for larger productions and straight plays, housing venues such as:

-‘Theatre Royal’ on Drury Lane,

the ‘Royal Opera House’,

‘The Adelphi’,

the recently rebuilt Alhambra (Leicester Square, following a fire),

the Criterion Theatre

and The Covent Garden Theatre.

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Westminster – Law, Order & Religion 0 POSTS in 0 THREADS

Westminster, the national epicentre for politics, and courts of law.

The Borough contains the Palace of Westminster (sitting grandly along the Thames river, serving as the meeting place of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, the two houses of Parliament, of which many Upper Class residence are members), and the Royal Courts of Justice (newly opened in 1882) and Westminster Hall, dealing with criminal and civil cases of law.

One should not forget the religious presence of Westminster Abbey, and St Margaret's Church. Nevermind that the notorious slums of 'The Devil's Acre' (described as “nests of ignorance, vice, depravity, and crime, as well as of squalor, wretchedness, and disease”) lie just a stone’s throw from all this opulence.

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